The power of water {Mermaid Teen Photoshoot}

I’m awake really late editing sports photos and I thought I’d finally share my teen water photoshoot with Laura over the summer. The Robinson River in Madison County comes from the mountains and it’s always freezing. It was 115 degrees with the heat index the morning we shot and even though it was 8 a.m. the temperature was already 95 degrees. I was sweating IN the water.

Water is symbol of strength, power and transformation. It is patient and will work to wear sharp rocks down over centuries, crafting its path where it wants to go.

Laura is a strong young woman with a quiet confidence I believe stems from her swimming and diving talent. When I heard there would be a water challenge my thoughts went straight to her because when she’s within water she is strength, dignity and beauty.

When a mermaid is in water she’s all of those things, as well. Her power comes from the water itself. That’s what I think of when I think of Laura, when she’s in water she has a mermaid’s power.


Back to School Class of 2017 {Senior portraits}

It’s time for the students to head back to school so the Class of 2017 and I thought of a fun photoshoot to celebrate their last first day of school ever. Even though all the models couldn’t make it we still had fun! I’m booking so quickly for this fall and I love it! If you haven’t scheduled your senior portraits yet get in touch via email at or (434) 242-1281.

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Kirsten!DJ3A1463 copyDJ3A1467 copyDJ3A1493 copy

Karin!DJ3A1472 copyDJ3A1479 copyDJ3A1491 copy

Amanda!DJ3A1531 copyDJ3A1534 copyDJ3A1546 copyDJ3A1525 copyDJ3A1526 copy

One Light Challenge {Image Challenge}

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this one yet. The challenge was using one light and I took it to mean using only one strobe light but also using the sun. Anyway, Juliet & I had a blast with this one, and my mom even had the chance to come with us. I can’t believe she goes to college in 16 days. I’ll not dwell on that!

I’ve got another challenge to get finished before the end of August! I skipped June & July because of traveling overseas but I’m ready to get into the groove and my Class of 2017 models should note that and be ready🙂

If you’re looking to get on the calendar for senior photos, Class of 2017, get in touch with me ASAP at as dates are filling fast with loads of fun sessions coming up!

Terry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-001 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-002 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-003 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-004 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-005 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-006 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-007 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-008 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-009 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-010 copy

Sydney, Class of 2016 {Urban Senior Session}

I could talk about Sydney for hours and never be able to tell you all the reasons she rocks! I love her style, her humor, her brains an her drive. Listening to her final senior project for the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School I was blown away. She focused on the gender gap in the business world–in pay, in CEO positions, etc., and for one of the first times I felt some ray of hope that it will be fixed. She’s going to study global affairs at college. She’s going to change the world!

Sydney and her mom, LaDonna, were awesome for her session in Downtown Charlottesville and at the Ix Art Park in Charlottesville. Thank you so much Sydney! I can’t wait to see how your bright future comes into focus!!

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Sunny and Jake {Brother & Sister Senior Portraits}

These two are soccer royalty and their skills are undeniable! Jake is heading to Louisville (hence the “L” he makes with his hand!) and Sunny heads to Messiah this fall. I was so happy Juliet had the chance to play with Sunny because she’s amazing to watch. NO FEAR! I totally respect that.

This was the first time I’ve been asked to do siblings’ senior portraits and it was so fun! It was a gorgeous fall day, they included their sweet Great Dane and we took a family photo at the end of the session! So fun!

Have a great time in college, to you both! I’m sure mom and dad will ride the roads to watch them play soccer in college, so drive safely! Thank you so much for asking me to do their senior portraits! I had the best time🙂

IMG_1939 copyIMG_1943 copyIMG_1948 copyIMG_1953 copyIMG_1964 copyIMG_1967 copyIMG_1970 copyIMG_1972 copyIMG_1974 copyIMG_1977 copyIMG_1983 copyIMG_1985 copyIMG_1993 copyIMG_1997 copyIMG_1998 copyIMG_2004 copyIMG_2005 copyIMG_2008 copyIMG_2015 copyIMG_2021 copyIMG_2026 copyIMG_2031 copyIMG_2037 copyIMG_2043 copyIMG_2046 copyIMG_2064 copyIMG_2072 copyIMG_2084 copyIMG_2098 copy

Joey Class of 2016 {Virginia Senior Portraits}

The last guy, Aaron, was born in Germany and Joey was born in Australia! We made sure to nod to his Australian roots in a photo, which is good because he’s going to college there after all! So exciting for him!!

We had a mini football session, in addition to his regular session. Joey shaved his beard between the two sessions and I swear he looks 5 years younger in his football photos than his regular senior session! He’s also a musician so we used his guitar in some photos. I love including items that are important to the senior in their sessions!

Have a blast in Australia and I hope I get to see you again some day, Joey & Lori!

IMG_1611 copyIMG_1617 copyIMG_1626 copyIMG_1629 copyIMG_1640 copyIMG_1651 copyIMG_1653 copyIMG_1655 copyIMG_1664 copyIMG_1668 copyIMG_1673 copyIMG_1677 copyIMG_1680 copyIMG_1689 copyIMG_1694 copyIMG_1696 copyIMG_1707 copyIMG_1719 copyIMG_1723 copyIMG_1770 copyIMG_1861 copyIMG_4796 copyIMG_4801 copyIMG_4805 copyIMG_4806 copyIMG_4810 copyIMG_4814 copyIMG_4824 copyIMG_4834 copyIMG_4846 copyIMG_4867 copy

Aaron, Class of 2016 {Hockey Senior Portraits}

I swear I take photos of guys too! I feel like I just keep sharing the girls’ photo sessions but I have a fabulous time with the guys too! Sometimes they’re more willing to try a different angle, do something different, light something on fire! Whatever. I love that!

Aaron plays hockey and he was born in Germany (and his mom is from there) so we made sure to include a nod to that heritage with the soccer flag. I swear the photos where he’s in the suit are just gorgeous! We had a warm, fall day with some beautiful golden light.

Thank you, Aaron, for asking me to take your senior photos! I hope you never stop playing hockey and have an incredibly bright future! You always have the option of becoming a model!

IMG_3078 copyIMG_3079 copyIMG_3087 copyIMG_3091 copyIMG_3094 copyIMG_3098 copyIMG_3107 copyIMG_3111 copyIMG_3120 copyIMG_3126 copyIMG_3130 copyIMG_3132 copyIMG_3134 copyIMG_3147 copyIMG_3151 copyIMG_3170 copyIMG_3172 copyIMG_3177 copyIMG_3178 copyIMG_3190 copyIMG_3195 copyIMG_3199 copyIMG_3219 copyIMG_3223 copyIMG_3235 copyIMG_3239 copy

Emma Class of 2016 {Senior Photographs in a Field}

Emma is one of the sweetest, most genuine young ladies I have ever met. I was so honored when she asked me to do her senior portraits! I just had a great time with her and we chose a spot where we didn’t know wildflowers would be growing and found some. It was so awesome!

She’s going to kick butt in college, I’m sure of that. I hope she doesn’t stop playing soccer because I’ve only known a few with as much heart as her. She never stops trying. Such a great role model!

IMG_7017 copyIMG_7024 copyIMG_7029 copyIMG_7031 copyIMG_7034 copyIMG_7039 copyIMG_7046 copyIMG_7052 copyIMG_7053 copyIMG_7095 copyIMG_7098 copyIMG_7100 copyIMG_7112 copyIMG_7113 copyIMG_7125 copyIMG_7131 copyIMG_7143 copyIMG_7145 copyIMG_7150 copyIMG_7169 copyIMG_7176 copyIMG_7191 copyIMG_7203 copyIMG_7207 copyIMG_7223 copyIMG_7235 copyIMG_7242 copyIMG_7248 copyIMG_7283 copyIMG_7312 copyIMG_7315 copyIMG_7322 copyIMG_7327 copyIMG_7332 copyIMG_7351 copy

Soccer Senior Portraits {Class of 2016}

I did all the soccer kids at the same time (it was total chaos!) this past year and we had some fun…and I got a little teary-eyed since this is the last year my daughter is going to play with these girls. It’s been a joy to watch them all grow up together!

I really love to add sports to senior sessions. This coming year I have a bunch of different ideas of how to become more creative and dramatic in the sports arena! Who’s ready?


IMG_0710 copyIMG_0795 copyIMG_0945 copyIMG_0947 copyIMG_0950 copyIMG_0951 copyIMG_0960 copyIMG_0962 copyIMG_0996 copyIMG_0999 copy


IMG_0745 copyIMG_0971 copyIMG_0974 copyIMG_0976 copyIMG_0994 copyIMG_0995 copyIMG_1013 copy


IMG_0716 copyIMG_0718 copyIMG_0823 copyIMG_0917 copyIMG_0919 copyIMG_0921 copyIMG_0929 copyIMG_0937 copy

EmmaIMG_0886 copyIMG_0978 copyIMG_0980 copyIMG_0983 copyIMG_0986 copyIMG_0990 copyIMG_1016 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_1018 copy

Maddie Class of 2016 {Virginia Senior Photography}

For Maddie’s regular senior session we wanted some fall colors and we found them! The sunset blew my mind away and I think that photo with the sunsets and mountains behind Maddie is my all-time favorite of her!

If you’re thinking of fall senior sessions, October weekends are almost completely gone! Contact me ASAP to get on the calendar!

IMG_1123 copyIMG_1124 copyIMG_1128 copyIMG_1131 copyIMG_1163 copyIMG_1172 copyIMG_1180 copyIMG_1187 copyIMG_1194 copyIMG_1201 copyIMG_1208 copyIMG_1214 copyIMG_1225 copyIMG_1227 copyIMG_1236 copyIMG_1243 copyIMG_1266 copy             434-242-1281