Masked {Central Virginia Concept Photographer}

I love to do group photoshoots with my Terry Beigie Photography senior models and this year we did a masquerade party. And it was FREEZING outside 🙂 But the girls were awesome and we had a blast. Plus I had some of the best hair and makeup artists ever helping me.

I love the idea of a masquerade party and not sure why we don’t do them as a society any more. Isn’t it fun to be hidden and observe? Or is that just the journalist in me? I had hoped to this shoot for 2 years but … life. Thank you to my Class of 2017 and Class of 2018 models who were able to participate!! These young women are some of the strongest, smartest, talented, most wonderful young people I know. I am always so humbled and honored when people ask me to do their senior portraits. Nothing means more to me than creating amazing images that they can look back on years and year from now and realize they  had an absolute blast their last year of high school!!! As you can see I could not convince my boy to pose for any real masquerade ball photos but he did with his girlfriend Clara and one of his longtime friends Sarah–friends since dawn of time I think.

Huge shoutout to Gabrielle Nigmond of Countryside Enterprises, LLC. in Ruckersville for allowing the use of the indoor space because it was COLD that day and I had not yet moved into my own studio. Also thanks for being an awesome storage space on Route 33 there for all my “junk” (i.e. props, et. al.)! Love it!!

Makeup artist: Kenzie Durrer

Hair:  Akela  Instagram: @thatcreativeone_

Hope {Concept Photography Central Virginia}

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –
And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
And sore must be the storm –
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm –
I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
And on the strangest Sea –
Yet – never – in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of me.
–Emily Dickinson
I am TERRIBLY behind on blogging. I haven’t blogged most of my 2017 clients and I’m sorry for that. It’s been quite a long spring and summer for me and I will get back to blogging more often! I am going to start with this peacock-inspired photoshoot from the spring.
I found these peacock wings at an antique store in Ruckersville and they immediately drew my attention. I went back several times over the next month, to see if they were still there, and they were. I knew I had to get them and create a concept around them so for the next year I spent time finding pieces of jewelry and masks, creating the skirt, borrowing my niece’s homecoming gown for a second outfit and arranging for a model–Clara.
I swear she could be a model in her own right, and has the best style! It doesn’t hurt she’s one of the most artistic and sweet young women I know. And she jumped on the chance to create this concept with me!
Last year my focus was often on reflections. I don’t know why but they ended up in nearly every photoshoot I had. This year I’ve focused on creativity–my own and my models. I am like a kid at Christmas planning a concept, building the costumes and seeing the vision unfold.
If this is something you enjoy let me know and we can figure out how to incorporate it into your own sessions as well! I only have 3 more weekend dates for the fall so get in touch with me ASAP to schedule your session.
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Andrea {Themed Photo Session Photography}

Back to Andrea having no luck! The date we picked for this portion of her session ended up raining all morning. We weren’t sure it would pass but thank goodness it did! We kept the session and it was gorgeous! She had this red flapper dress she really wanted to wear and that’s her 1950s Kodak camera in the photos with the red and white dress! It’s her dad’s car from the 1970s that allowed me to finally utilize the awesome authentic late 1960s prom dress(Thank you Karen!) and I swear Andrea looked like a princess in it.

Andrea is a photographer in her own right, as well, and wanted to showcase it a little. That’s my Baby Brownie Kodak camera from the 1930s and the Kodak Brownie that is blue from the 1920s for the Gatsbyesque purple dress.

This was an amazing session. Thank you so much Andrea! And good luck at Christopher Newport next year! ❤

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Andrea Class of 2017 {Albemarle Senior Photographer}

Andrea is an artistic and beautiful young woman! But we had terrible luck getting her session done. She wanted flowers, specifically sunflowers, so we worked hard to find some still in bloom. The weather was overcast, but for a photographer that’s not a bad thing, so we traveled to Chiles in Crozet because we noticed they still had some in bloom. As soon as we started the session it started to mist. Turns out there were only a few still blooming there, but there were other gorgeous wildflowers happening there so it wasn’t a total loss. We went with it for as much as we could until you could see droplets of rain on her clothing and it stopped making sense to take photos through it. But I will say we were hitting the shutter and moving locations and poses like mad women 🙂

Since we were only there for about a half hour we finished up her session a few weeks later in another location and we were rewarded with an incredible sunset! We were able to schedule another session for later that month to finish out everything, coming in another post! Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to just go with it, Andrea. I loved your sessions! ❤

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Karin {Albemarle High Senior Photography}

Karin is a photographer in her own right. She takes amazing portraits and creative sessions and is heading to college to pursue her dream in an artistic field and I could NOT love that more than I do. I wish I went a creative way in college; journalism isn’t as creative as I like to be so I’m glad I found photography even if it was later in life.

Karin chose to do her session in one of the most beautiful places in our area in Madison. She had accompanied me as a second photographer and assistant during the mermaid shoot and thought it would work for her session, too. When we went back the water was terribly low in the Robinson River but we were able to get some great ones in the water.

Karin is a joy to be with. She knows how to pose because she’s a photographer and she’s very easy in front of a camera (unlike me). I love spending time with her and I just know her art is going make an impact on our world one day. ❤

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Taylor Cheerleading Session {Sports Senior Photographer}

We had so much fun with Taylor’s Cheerleading photos. She was on the football sideline cheer team and the competition cheer team this year — and all throughout high school she did basketball cheer as well. It’s a lot of work but she did it with all smiles.

We waited until football practice was over even though they don’t practice on the main football field just because I was afraid they might freak with the green smoke bombs! Yet, no one, not even the people running the track from the community, asked us what that cloud of green smoke that traveled the air across the field and over by the schools was. I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

We were supposed to take a winter session but our winter in Virginia has been such a jerk with almost no snow at all. I thought we were getting some in March but we barely got a dusting. Not worthy of photo session. Such a bummer. But we did get an amazing fall session that will be posted a bit later, and of course, her summer session. Taylor has been an amazing model this year, and posting soon I’ll add the parachute dress shoot I did with my Class of 2017 models. So much fun, and even though it was cold they were such troopers!

Thank you Taylor for letting me spend this amazing time with you and getting to know you and your mom better. I adore you both, honestly I do. ❤


Anthony Terry {Va Urban Senior Portraits}

How can anyone not enjoy hanging out with Anthony Terry? I mean he’s funny, sweet and an absolute joy to photograph! Plus, everyone just calls him Terry so that’s funny when other people are around 🙂

We took a couple really special photographs with the picture of his father, who has passed away. I got his mom to agree to be in one photo with him so I count that as a win for me. I’m not sharing either of those because those are personal to their family. I’ll let them share if they decide to do it!

The day we were going to take his outdoor photos it was close to 105 degrees so we opted for the basketball indoor photos instead. Terry had an amazing basketball season reaching 1,000 points and being asked to play in an all-star game. I may have been on my deathbed but I was totally cheering for him and Kam’Ron from Greene County!

I really adore Terry & his mother, Denise, and can’t wait to hear where his future takes him. He’s going to do great things, I just know it! Thank you for letting  share this special time with you guys! ❤


Schuyler Hudson {Class of 2017}

I have been sick and not just the kind of sick where it lingers and you’re OK to get stuff done but just not feeling your best. I have had one cold after another and they’re the kinds that knock you on your butt and you can’t get anything done. In fact, I lost my voice for 5 whole days. That’s never happened to me. But I’m feeling better now so I’m trying to play serious catch up with the photography responsibilities, get going on William Monroe High School Spring Sports action photos and my Greene County Record responsibilities. I hate being bored, and I’m obviously not.

Let me tell you a little about this beautiful young woman. I met her mother in 6th grade. For those wondering, that was 32 years ago for us (yep, I know I’m old as heck). Through turbulent high school, distance in college, going lots of time not seeing each other, through two divorces and three children between us, Christa and I manage to stay together. It’s like we’ve not been apart every time we get together. Social media helps us stay together, but honestly it’s like we’ve never left one another once we’re together again.

Schuyler was born on the day after my birthday, about 8 months after Juliet, and several weeks premature. Christa had a rough pregnancy, but Schuyler is a fighter and I still remember the day (I still have photos) that Juliet and I went to visit Schuyler once she had come home. Juliet looked like a giant next to her (btw my 5.11 daughter still looks like a giant next to her. HA!). But Schuyler was just such a precious little one and is such an amazing young woman now that I was honored to be asked to take her senior photos.

We met up here and though it was quite a HOT day we still had a fabulous time. I treasured the time with her and the entire time remembered her as a baby and her mother as a preteen. It was so special that even as I write this I get goose bumps. I can not love them more. Even more special for Schuyler was her grandmother was there, too, and we were able to get three generations of lovely ladies. ❤

Shout out to the Whitmarsh family who let us take some with their horse at the last minute as Schuyler loves horses!! And thank you to Fairhill Farm for allowing us to use the property for the backdrop.

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Sydney at Keswick Vineyards — beautiful girl in beautiful location

OMG I got to spend Labor Day weekend at Keswick Vineyards!! The house and grounds are absolutely BREATHTAKING!! But honestly I had the best time with Sydney and her mom. I’ve grown very close to her mom, Linda, and she’s one of the sweetest women I know. Sydney takes after her mom there. She has this easy smile and beautiful blue eyes. She’s smart and a good person! I felt like I won the lottery!! The owner of the vineyard was so gracious and funny and I just felt so blessed to be there with all these wonderful people.

Remember grumpy cat? Sydney can make the face of grumpy cat and it’s hilarious, especially considering how unlike grumpy cat Sydney is! She’s heading to a wonderful college in the fall and she’s going to rock it!

This was the first of two sessions for my senior model from Albemarle High School. We did a fall shoot, too, so watch for that one too!


Olivia, Softball Senior Session {Greene Virginia Senior Photography}

I am a softball girl. I say “am” because once you love a sport it stays with you forever. I played from the time I was 6 through high school. I played after college graduation in co-ed leagues. I love it. And so does Olivia! She plays third–my corner of the field–and I loved taking her softball session photos!

I love showcasing whatever hobby or sport is near and dear to a senior’s heart. This is something that takes up a huge part of his or her high school career and helps shape them into the person they become. It’s not too early to get on my calendar, especially for fall 2017 because that time of year fills up FAST! Email to get on the calendar.