Clarissa {Keep your imagination open}

Oh sweet Clarissa! I’ve known your mother since we were in elementary school. I mean that’s a ridiculous time!! The older I get the more I realize how special it is to keep the people who knew you when you were  young in your life. Clarissa participates in the renaissance festival every year and she wanted to incorporate that into her session! She is a camp counselor at the location we used for her session in Front Royal in the summer and has spent so many wonderful summers there! She is a crack shot with the bow & arrow (and at least she didn’t get me!). In so many ways she reminds me of Jennifer, her mom, when she was younger. She’s so smart, musically talented, driven and easy to smile. Everything that makes Jennifer so special. So glad I’ll get to see where future takes you! You’re going to do amazing, Clarissa!!! >3

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Josie {Wilmington, N.C., senior portraits}

My girl. This is my beautiful niece Josephine. She has eyes that remind me of a tiger and has grown into a beautiful, strong, determined woman I admire. She asked me to do her senior photos when I was in Wilmington, N.C., last year and even though it was hot as the sun we made it work!!

Right before her session Beauty & the Beast came out (the live action one) and she was in love with it so we incorporated Belle and some other elements from the story into her session. She actually dressed up as Belle one Halloween where my daughter, Juliet, was Aurora and my boy, Devin, was a knight. I still treasure that photo!

She’s headed to Appalachian State University in the fall and I couldn’t be more proud!





Sunrise Parachute Dress Session {Wilmington, N.C., Photography}

GAHHHHHH Everything about this session was worth the 4 a.m. wake up. I absolutely love sunset photos but I don’t live on the West Coast so to get beautiful sun images with the parachute dress I need to do it for the sunrise.

I’m lucky because Kayla and Josie were open to fun photoshoots while I was in North Carolina last summer. Josie is my first niece, and the only child that looks like me (neither of mine do so I’ll take it!). I adore everything about her. This year she was the Drum Major for her high school, but the flute is her major instrument. She’s a talent musician and on her way to march in college in the fall. I can’t believe it!

Kayla is another talented musician but we went for pure beauty for her parachute session. Both of these young ladies are amazing women! Time goes by way too fast the older you get. Enjoy the moments, like a sunrise on the beach, as often as you can.

HUGE shout out to my mom and sister for holding the light poles (those things just fly in the wind) and my niece, Jenna, and nephew, Alex, and son, Devin, for helping this EARLY morning! Love you all!

Do you have an idea for a photoshoot? Let’s make it happen!

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Kayla {Wilmington, N.C., senior photography}

Kayla is a beautiful soul and I love her smile so much! I took her senior photos while I was in Wilmington, N.C., for my niece’s senior photos. You should know this day had a heat index of 107 degrees but when you’re 300+ miles from home and only have a few days you make it work! Kayla looked amazing and honestly I never saw her sweat even though I looked like a puddle by the end of the shoot.

Wilmington, N.C., has had numerous shows filmed there. We stumbled upon a really cool bridge that we didn’t even know was used in One Tree Hill until we got up there and saw all the “notes” to the cast written on it (and the fan girls who popped by to do selfies on it)! HA!

Kayla is a musician. I have been really lucky this year to take senior photos of many talented musicians. She used her mom’s old saxophone in some of the photos and it’s so beautiful! I had a blast (and not just because of the cops 😉 ).


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Sweet Clara {Charlottesville Senior Photography}

Clara & I had an early morning weekend photo session in Charlottesville for her senior photos. It was quite hot but we managed, well I managed but she looked perfect! I so enjoyed hanging out with Clara and her mom Jenny. They’re just wonderful!

Clara is always willing to participate in my creative shoots, too. She participated in the Hope/Peacock, Steampunk and Masquerade photoshoots.

Oh, Clara, what can I say? I love every single photo I’ve ever taken of you! You’re so sweet and artistic. I still love my Sherlock & Steampunk guy!! ❤  I can’t wait to see how your future turns out because I just know it’s going to be FABULOUS!!

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Lizzie, Sweet Sunshine {Class of 2018}

Every time. I really am a writer who can think of words for everything else except this blog! But I have to say it again, I CANNOT believe Lizzie is graduating in less than two months. I have known this sweetheart since at least first grade when I started working in the Primary School. Lizzie has always been sweetness and sunshine! Her beautiful smile can brighten the cloudiest day.

Lizzie is a tough young woman who stands by her convictions, and her friends, fiercely. She’s got a heart of gold and I hope the world doesn’t find a way to tarnish that. Lizzie, stay true to you and you’ll never go wrong. I’ve watched you become a strong young woman and I truly feel honored you asked me to take your senior photos.

It was hot, and late in the day and it was hurried but honestly it’s one of the most beautiful I’ve ever taken. The location is always beautiful but there is something about Lizzie among those flowers in the sunset that just makes it perfect. ❤

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The Ice Queen Cometh

“Her eyes are pure stars, and her fingers, if they touch you, freeze you to the bone.” — Virginia Woolf, Orlando

Oh Virginia! I hoped to have SOME snow on the ground to photograph this concept session, but no, we didn’t get any real snow until the first days of Spring. I do love Virginia but sometimes her mood swings are a bit much!

I thought of this photo session while walking through Hobby Lobby (of course) to buy props for the Woodland Witches Halloween photoshoot. I saw these fake plastic diamonds throughout the Christmas section–which of course was already out in September–and decided at that moment I needed to create an Ice Queen photoshoot. You can ask my daughter, who also got roped into modeling for it at the last minute!

I spent months planning outfits and headpieces for my senior models to wear in the studio. I have too much fun creating headpieces and creative costumes. I can’t get enough of these photoshoots! Seriously, if you have an idea let’s make it happen in addition to your regular senior photoshoot.

Some models could not make it at the last minute (it was Thanksgiving weekend) but Alexis, Sarah, Lizzie and Juliet totally rocked it! If you knew these young ladies then you’d know they’re no ice queens but they are amazing young women that I’m honored to know! DJ3A5223 copyDJ3A5227 copyDJ3A5228 copyDJ3A5234 copyDJ3A5246 copyDJ3A5200 copyDJ3A5191 copyDJ3A5189 copyDJ3A5186 copyDJ3A5181 copyDJ3A5180 copyDJ3A5170 copyDJ3A5164 copyDJ3A5166 copyDJ3A5159 copyDJ3A5167 copyDJ3A5169 copyDJ3A5125 copyDJ3A5127 copyDJ3A5128 copyDJ3A5129 copyDJ3A5144 copyOh, yes, that’s Alexis’ real hair color and it fit the shoot so wonderfully I could not have planned that any better!

Seriously I think if I could find a job where I created costumes for these photoshoots I would be in heaven. Other fun ones: Masquerade Party; Steampunk; Gatsby; Hunger Games; Peacock; Burning Man; and Entourage.

As I go out of town to an area where there is always snow in winter–as it should be–I figured now would be the right time to post this session!


The Wonderful Sarah {Musical Senior}

“Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

I don’t know where to begin with this blog post because I don’t want this to be over. I feel like I’ve known Sarah her entire life, but at least since Kindergarten. I really don’t want this year to be over. I always have the most amazing time with Sarah.

Sarah is such a smart and talented young woman. This year she has performed as drum major for the high school marching band, but she also performs in several other musical groups throughout the area. Next year she’s headed to her dream school and she’ll be marching there as well, including a trip to NYC for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!! I can’t get over all she’s accomplished.

Whenever I have an idea, Sarah is ALWAYS willing to be my guinea pig! I will miss her so much next year when I have creative ideas–who’s willing to fill in? For her musical session we wanted drama and fun and I thought I’d have to doctor the skies to create the dramatic effect, but nope we were literally trying to outrun a storm! There was thunder and rain on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains and we just kept hoping it’d hold off so not to soak the sheets of music and the trombone! It was also July and close to 6,000 degrees, give or take a degree, so we were melting on top of it. We made it through this session faster than I’ve ever made it through one, but I could not love them more. They show her creative side and her love of music!

The final three were experimental again, as I wanted to take some in the high school’s auditorium as that’s where she’s played for the past four years. I love them so much, even though they weren’t exactly what I had planned 🙂

I have been so honored to know Sarah these past years, and I KNOW she’s going to do some amazing stuff in the future. Sarah has a huge heart and is driven and passionate about her beliefs. Watch out for this one because she’s going to literally change the world!

To schedule summer and fall sessions (limited openings) email

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Sweet, Smart, Strong: Laura {William Monroe High School Class of 2018}

I met this beautiful young woman at her 8th grade dance and she’s graduating in two months! She was just such a shy little one. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to photograph her a number of times and that’s given me the ability to watch her grow into the strong young woman she’s become. She is helpful and giving, is willing to fight for what she sees as the right thing to do, and is an amazing diver, swimmer, golfer, artist and the list goes on! She’s heading to a dream college in the fall and I could not be more proud to know her!!!

Other sessions with Laura includes the masquerade photoshoot, adding motion challenge, mermaid photo challenge, and boho teen. She’s also cousins with Alexis and Bailey!

The first of her senior sessions I’m going to share with you show that I’m absolutely willing to do whatever it takes to get the beautiful image! One day just driving down Route 33 I saw a bunch of pink just over the line of sight on my left. So, I took a U-turn and headed right back to see what was new in our little county. When I saw this GORGEOUS field of wildflowers I FREAKED OUT. With two days we got permission to photograph there and it needed to be quick because it was hot and because the sun was setting. So, I decided a soft touch on these images were the way to go and didn’t use my lights. I did that quite a lot this senior year and I do love me some warm, yummy natural light, too! I ABSOLUTELY love every image I’ve ever taken of Laura!!! OMG these are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, though.

More to come with Laura next time!

Class of 2019 if you want to get on my calendar for the summer or fall (SUMMER INCLUDES A DISCOUNT) email or visit and go to contact me.

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Alexis, Class of 2018 {Central Virginia Senior Photographer}

When I think of Alexis I can’t help but think of BADA**! She’s petite but one of the toughest women I know. She recently signed her letter of intent to play softball at a Division 1 University. She wants to be a professional wrestler after college, honestly I would not want to meet up with her in the ring. Her nickname is even Rousey and her bed is a WWE ring.

But she’s also one of the sweetest young people I know. She’s felt profound loss in her life, but instead of dwelling there she chooses to help lift others. She’s always willing to volunteer to help someone in need, always one of the first I see cheering her teammates from the sidelines.

It was an incredibly HOT day in August when we did her regular session but neither of us cared because the location was just amazing, as was the lighting. I think it’s hilarious that her favorite thing in her closet is rompers because she wore two for her shoot! While we had no shortage of lily pads for her photoshoot, Alexis can turn her tongue into a four-leaf clover.

The three things Alexis cannot live without: God, Family and Softball (in that order).

I love photographing Alexis and can’t wait for more in the future!DJ3A7658 copyDJ3A7664 copyDJ3A7666 copyDJ3A7691 copyDJ3A7732 copyDJ3A7742 copyDJ3A7748 copyDJ3A7752 copyDJ3A7756 copyDJ3A7759 copyDJ3A7823 copyDJ3A7843 copyDJ3A7847 copyDJ3A7860 copyDJ3A7872 copyDJ3A7911 copyDJ3A7925 copyDJ3A7934 copyDJ3A8022 copyDJ3A8030 copyDJ3A8033 copy