Help-Portrait Stats

I wrote in an earlier post that I planned to participate in 2011 Help-Portrait. Locally, I participated with the Charlottesville Photography Initiative and it was held on Dec. 10 in Downtown Charlottesville. In reality it was held all over the world.

Other than badly spraining my ankle carrying in supplies — such a clutz — it was a fabulously inspiring day! One woman offered that it was the first time she’d been able to have one done. In the portrait with her was her daughter and grandchildren. To me, that’s beautiful.

So, what did we do? For Charlottesville’s 3rd annual Help-Portrait:

  • There were 52 volunteers in Charlottesville–some styling hair, some photographing, some helping with the lighting, some with the post processing and printing, some greeting people and some helping to serve food.
  • We photographed 272 people–100 more than in 2010.
  • There were 134 shooting sessions
  • We made 181 prints for people
  • We shot 921 photos
  • We posted 609 photos to the Internet for folks who signed a release–where they can download high-resolution print-capable¬†images for themselves.


  • 67,927 portraits given
  • 4,984 photographers participated
  • 8,793 volunteers participated
  • Help-Portrait was hosted in 56 countries

For full information about the stats visit

If you want to make a major difference in your community, hosting a Help-Portrait session is a great way! It will be held on Dec. 8, 2012!

Charlottesville Help-Portrait Crew

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