100 Steps {Blue Ridge, Va. Photographer}

Sometimes when I set out to photograph a particular natural area there isn’t something super exciting to shoot. When I enjoyed another 60-degree winter’s day (wow, Virginia, I could really get used to this!) up on the Blue Ridge Mountains I hoped to run into a deer, a bear, a bird I’d never seen before–something! That did not even sort of happen, but I did get a great 4-mile hike that help refresh me mentally, physically and spiritually. Most of those pictures will come in another post.

I also played a game called “100 Steps” where I wear my training watch and after each 100 steps I have to stop and photograph something without taking any additional steps and without photographing the same thing twice. The last part was sort of hard because I did it on the walk down a mountain–and back up the same path–to a location called “Devil’s Ditch.” I learned a big lesson that day … when in the mountains if it’s called “ditch” it really means major valley and you will be walking back up a huge steep incline.

Pine tree branch

mold on forest floor

weird tree trunk

tall tree

Conway river

Conway River in Shenandoah National Park

Perfect acorn

Hole in a tree

fungus on a branch on the forest floor

trash on the forest floor

Trash on the forest floor.

small waterfall

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