On the Backroads of Albemarle: Schuyler {Albemarle, Va. Photographer}


Cue the scary music!

 I’ve mentioned before that I work for a newspaper, running several of its special sections–two magazines and one weekly newspaper in a nearby county–and whatever else gets thrown at me. Last week a freelance writer was driving through the Schuyler area of Albemarle County–right on the border with Nelson County in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains–when she spotted this gem of a building. She wrote to me asking if she could write about this house, as well as the nearby soapstone quarry, which is linked to this building. I nearly fell out of my chair with a “YES PLEASE!” and give me the directions so I can go snap some photos!! I did get in trouble for trespassing–well, not trouble, exactly–but spotted would be more accurate. No harm, no foul … I just took pictures outside the building. Had I been alone (my hubby came along) and no one around  I would have loved to see the inside of the gorgeous structure. There’s always another time.

Oh the link to Alberene Soapstone Quarry–this was the home for the president of that quarry. It was built in 1899. I can imagine this place beautiful again! I hope it happens. I can tell there have been some recent improvements (new windows in the tower), but I want it beautiful again. I can only hope. I really wish walls could talk! My writer has gotten a hold of the owner. I can’t wait to hear the story!

In addition to the AWESOME home above, there were some other fun buildings. Here’s just a few shots of them. I think this must have been a livery of some sort. It’s on the corner of Stumptown Road. This entire area was built up because of the quarry at the turn of the century.

We saw soapstone in the woods, and one of the ponds from the quarry. It was so strange the way these huge stones were just sitting there, surrounded by trees–forgotten.

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10 thoughts on “On the Backroads of Albemarle: Schuyler {Albemarle, Va. Photographer}

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  2. Great photos. My grandparents (Maupin’s) lived in the house also owned by Joiner until about 1969, two house down. My grandfather J.I. Maupin ran the company store until it closed. Lots of memories here.


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