On the Backroads of Albemarle: Batesville {Charlottesville, Va. Photographer}

Batesville might be a little rural area of southern Albemarle County now, but back in the day it was the the place to be as it offered the direct route to The James River from Staunton (or over the mountain as we say around here).

Now it’s not much more than a bedroom community with its only store closing last summer (long, long story). I used to live in Haymarket–a small town in Northern Virginia–and always felt at home surrounded by the historic buildings. Sometimes I miss that and then I remember the traffic I would face just to take the kids to soccer practice and I’m thrilled to live in the mountains again! Batesville is still beautiful, and I could almost hear the history.

Whiteside Branch and Stillhouse Creek converged right at the crossroads of Plank and Craigs Store roads.

Castlebrook, built in 1890, according to tax records. I didn't want to be too obvious with the residential photos. I still thought this was a beautiful home!

Rosebrook Acres, built in 1900, according to tax records.

I'm not sure what this flower is but it smelled wonderful!

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