Spring Break Hike {Charlottesville, Va. Photographer}

I took a week off work the week before Easter, my mom came up from Florida and the kids stayed with me as part of my guaranteed two-weeks-a-year vacation time. We decided this year it’d be just a “staycation” so no bigger vacation later this year. That’s fine! Virginia is full of things to do, plus my daughter had an away soccer game at another school more than 2 hours away and this guaranteed I got a chance to see that match 🙂

With all the fun photos of Ivy Creek this winter my mom asked us to take her on a hike there while she was here for Spring Break. It was one of the first things we did that week. We chose a few paths I had never been on–and once it was all said and done it was a more than 4.5 mile walk. Wow. We were NOT expecting that.

At first we really saw no wildlife and then we were graced with two separate deer sightings for a total of 6! Two of them didn’t even run away! We didn’t try to go toward them or anything but they really didn’t seem to mind us photographing them!

Wish we’d seen more birds and other critters but we did later in the week when we went to Maymont. Post to come!

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