On The Backroads of Madison: Criglersville {Madison, Va. Photographer}

Thanks to a friend from Twitter (nudge, nudge Diana) I learned there are eagles nearby. So for two days–one Saturday afternoon and one early, early Sunday morning–I tried to locate them. While I didn’t find them, I did get a tour of a beautiful area called Criglersville in Madison County.

This beautiful little area on the Old Blue Ridge Turnpike is traversed by The Robinson River. It is also an incredibly busy rural road with Syria and a wildlife refuge nearby.

What I found just fascinating were the several suspension bridges that cross over the river. There are houses on the other side–people live on the other side of the river and likely use tractors and other all-terrain vehicles–but there are also bridges for pedestrians.

If I were a cat, I’m sure I’d be dead by now because of course I’m going to cross this bridge to see what’s on the other side–it’s just who I am! Turns out that when you cross this bridge is shakes unbelievably–no matter how slowly you try to walk. Unfortunately, ever since last year’s episode with vertigo I was a mess for the rest of the afternoon. I wouldn’t trade my experience there, though. It was terribly beautiful!

Oh! I never saw the eagles but I will not let that deter me. It’s only 15 minutes up the road from me so you can bet I’ll take a trip up there again! I did, however, see an osprey. It was beautiful! It was very overcast that Sunday morning and without much light I had to use a very high ISO for the photo, and the noise is just too high for those. But I tried!

I did, however, get a wonderful look at a male Wood Duck. These are quite skittish and I had never seen one this close before!

Fingers crossed I will see those eagles yet!! If I do, you can be sure that I will post them on here!

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