On the Road: Maymont, Part 1 {Central Virginia Photographer}

I have wanted to visit Maymont in Richmond since I first heard about it 2 years ago from a friend. I love to visit these historic homes–obviously–but this is an especially neat place as it’s free (donations are welcome, of course) and in pristine condition. Plus on the 100 acres is a wildlife sanctuary! So, the kids, my mom and I packed up for what turned out to be the hottest day of Spring Break for this adventure!

We were not permitted to photograph inside this beautiful guilded-age home (and I didn’t learn that until I had fired a few shots in the basement. Oops!

This is a fun doorway that leads to under the porch where many types of things were stored.

The home and its furnishing are just as the Dooleys left them when they died in the 1920s. It was donated to the City of Richmond with the express purpose of being a museum. That’s beautiful!

Yep! I even made my mom poke her head through there for a fun photo!

The transom windows in each room on the main floor have a different stained glass design. Wow.

The kids have been warned–this is the type of building I want to be laid to rest in.

After our house tour!

Throughout the area are these little pavilions. The kids wound up waiting for us in them because they can just move so much faster than us old ladies 🙂

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