A Medieval Teen {Central Virginia Teen Photographer}

My mother-in-law made this dress for my daughter about 3 years ago. It now fits her beautifully! I have wanted to photograph her in this spot–for some reason it feels like a fairy forest to me–since my son asked me to take his photos in the fall because he wanted to give one to his then-girlfriend. (I know, how cute!!) I have been remiss with blogging my photos. It seems like there has been one thing after another lately but I am making an effort to keep posting! I had such fun during this shoot, but my daughter wound up with terrible poison ivy within 3 days. Mommy fail!

22 thoughts on “A Medieval Teen {Central Virginia Teen Photographer}

    • Ugh it was terrible–she has QUITE the allergy to it. But she handled it like a trooper (after 2 visits to doctor for steroids) … she is much stronger than I am. I would have scratched and scared up … she didn’t!


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