On The Road: Port Republic Part 1 {Central Virginia Photographer}

There are certainly times when something amazing comes my way without me having to plan it. Hubby knows how I love to drive around and photograph whatever I see. I especially love the backroads here in the mountains of Central Virginia. In late July he asked me if I’d like to take the dogs and a picnic lunch and travel over the mountains into the Shenandoah Valley. We had a plan, but the road turned out to be a dead end. So, without much of a plan we just hit Route 340 south and figured we’d find Port Republic. I don’t know exactly how the little town came into our conversation the other week, but I knew I’d seen it once (for a geocache) but hubby hadn’t so we traveled in that direction.

First, we found the battlefield. I have driven on this road a few times and never noticed this little pull off to the side. One thing photography has taught me is to see what’s around me!

This was apparently called “The Coaling”

That beautiful house is still there! From there we traveled up a steep slope to the rest of the locations on the trail.

(side note: I’m not sure how much longer my 15-year-old dog will be able to make such treks!)

Across the road from this battlefield was this gorgeous little country church–Grace Memorial Church. Once the service had ended I had to walk across the street to snap a photo–how could I not?

Next post will be the little town of Port Republic.

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