On The Road: Port Republic Part 2 {Central Virginia Photographer}

Once we got back into the car after the battlefield, we headed to the little historic town of Port Republic. It is just ADORABLE! It made me long for Haymarket again. I love living in the country, and my small county is wonderful, but living right in the middle of a historic town was just so much fun!

This little gem is in Rockingham County, along the Shenandoah River.



Directly across from the beautiful spot is an incredibly beautiful house! I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it.


As we drove down the other side of the town there was an adorable park, but it was reserved. The whole park was reserved, though I did sneak in to use the port-a-potty! It’s right along the beautiful river; I really wish I could have explored it with the dogs. Right next to it was a lovely old cemetery with beautiful iron work fences around it. I didn’t see how we could get into it legally so we didn’t. By the by there was a sheep in there!

Further on was the Foundary’s foundation!

A few other sights around the little town


Afterward we went to Grottoes to the Grand Caverns park. It’s a gorgeous park with lots of picnic tables (and it’s free–even on the weekend) and picnic shelters. There’s miniature golf, the caverns, hiking and biking trails as well. I know the golden retriever would have loved an exploration of that area, but the little old dog is having trouble walking. I just couldn’t do that to her. We had a nice lunch and headed back over the mountains. It took hours to get all the retriever hair out of the car once we got home, too! Still worth it…a beautiful, fun way to spend a Sunday!





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