On The Road: Staunton, Virginia Part 1 {Central Virginia Photographer}

I had never really spent any time Staunton. Once, years ago, I went to Cranberries for a magazine I was working on for a few photos and story. I didn’t explore much, though. I have visited several soccer fields over the years as my daughter has played travel soccer against Augusta County for about 5 years now. Still, never explored historic Downtown Staunton though. I’ve always wanted to go to the Blackfriar’s Playhouse and see a Shakespeare play, but never got around to it. I mean, it’s only an hour away…what have I been waiting for exactly? I finally got myself in gear last year when I started to plan my husband’s Christmas gift–12 date nights, one for each month! He’s a big history buff (especially the kings of England) so when I learned the American Shakespeare Center would put on “Henry VIII” I knew that had to be one of our date nights. We took off work on Friday, Feb. 15 and drove over the mountains to explore the city and see the play! We stayed at the historic Stonewall Jackson Hotel (it’s amazing), which happens to allow pets, so our golden got to be the Queen of Staunton for the day as well! I don’t know if it’s the most perfect date night I planned, but it will be pretty close. We had to reschedule January’s to a night out to dinner (it was supposed to be snow tubing at Massanutten but with the ankle surgery that wasn’t happening) and March’s to seeing “Casablanca” on the big screen at the Paramount Theater because it was supposed to be hike and picnic to Crabtree Falls (another thing I’ve always wanted to do!) because of the ankle. Can’t tell any of the rest of the fun events I have planned though…he’s not allowed to open them until the first of the month! HA!


Our first stop in town was a beautiful Catholic church. I HAD to take a photo of sweet Lita looking so thrilled to get to come out with us and then another with the sign of the church since St. Francis of Assisi was such an animal proponent.

IMG_4747 copy IMG_4749 copy IMG_4752 copy IMG_4757 copy IMG_4761 copy IMG_4768 copy


The next thing we visited was Trinity Episcopal Church which is an incredibly historic building. First, it’s the oldest church in Staunton, the first of three buildings on the site completed in 1763! There are some very old tombstones surrounding the church and Neil and Lita had a great time walking through it while I went inside. The third building, the present church was completed in 1855. The Virginia General Assembly met there from June 7-13, 1781, after fleeing Richmond to Charlottesville and then fleeing there to Staunton after the British Army was on its tracks (see plaque toward end of photos below). The church is home to 12 Tiffany windows! It’s open to the public and wonderfully knowledgeable people offer free tours (I, of course, left a donation!).  The first window isn’t Tiffany but is by Wippell Studioes in 1970. The inner doors were carved in the Passion Flower design (see toward end of the photos) which is repeated throughout the building. The second photo of a window below is a Tiffany window, dedicated in 1937, of the Madonna and Child and was the final Tiffany window installed in the church. The triptych is believed to be the first Tiffany windows installed at the church. The window of St. Luke was a Tiffany window but the Sermon on the Mount next to it was from Wippell-Mowbray Studios. The next window, the Benedicite Window is made fully from Stained Glass–not painting on it whatsoever. It’s Tiffany at his best, the pamphlet from the church notes. Archangel Michael is the next window, also from Tiffany.

IMG_4775 copy IMG_4779 copy IMG_4781 copy IMG_4783 copy IMG_4786 copy IMG_4788 copy IMG_4792 copy IMG_4794 copy IMG_4796 copy IMG_4797 copy IMG_4799 copy IMG_4801 copy


Walking throughout the town I couldn’t help but take photos of the beautiful and historic buildings.

IMG_4773 copy IMG_4804 copy IMG_4806 copy IMG_4807 copy IMG_4818 copy IMG_4820 copy IMG_4822 copy IMG_4824 copy IMG_4826 copy IMG_4832 copy IMG_4833 copy IMG_4838 copy

I went into the Camera Heritage Museum with antique images and thousands of cameras and accessories. Of course I found a new vintage camera to add to my collection and this one works! I have purchased some film online, but it hasn’t been delivered just yet! Can’t wait to play with that either!

IMG_4816 copy IMG_4921 copy

The Stonewall Jackson Hotel is beautiful!

IMG_4834 copy

The next post will show images of the Blackfriar’s Playhouse indoors and more beautiful historic buildings, as well!



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