The Hawk Show

After a fun time photographing the sweet Baby M my son yelled that a hawk just landed across the street. How could I not grab the camera and run out…as I usually do? I didn’t even bother with something as pesky as a coat or SHOES! And I stayed out there for 30 minutes in winter because there were two of them that quite honestly didn’t seem to mind me being out there with my camera. It was so fun to watch. If I wasn’t frozen solid I may have stayed out there for hours! Posting this on my birthday. Today I turn 39!! This is a little gift to myself, even if it was a few weeks early!

IMG_4593 copy IMG_4607 copy IMG_4622 copy IMG_4630 copy IMG_4633 copy IMG_4634 copy IMG_4640 copy IMG_4654 copy IMG_4662 copy IMG_4676 copy IMG_4685 copy IMG_4686 copy IMG_4687 copy IMG_4689 copy IMG_4693 copy IMG_4699 copy IMG_4701 copy IMG_4703 copy IMG_4704 copy


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