Gatlinburg, Tenn. Post 2

Cades Cove is magical. I want to go there for an entire day some day without the nudging of children to move onward. I could just sit in one of the fields and never move. It is just beautiful. This was an 11-mile one way loop that showcases some of the most gorgeous Appalachian architecture around. The deer just walked out right next to me, I’m not kidding. My mom, who stayed behind with my niece who didn’t want to walk around, saw a mother bear and cubs. While we didn’t see that, and I really really did want to see one, the little village we did walk around was amazing! I tried to remember that while it’s gorgeous and amazing to visit, it was someone’s home until they were run out to make the national park, same as here along Skyline Drive. Still it’s amazing to be among the wildlife and mountains and even though there are thousands of cars around you–the quiet.

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The walk up to the John Oliver Cabin, built in the early 1820s, above. It  is the oldest log home in Cades Cove, below.

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The wide open fields are just gorgeous, and we spotted the deer feeding while we were driving, as well as the turkey!


The Primitive Baptist Church is beautiful and looks amazingly similar to the Pentecostal church on a backroad of Greene I found one day. I couldn’t help but photograph that grave stone–it caused me to pause.


Yep that totally happened.

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The Cable Mill area is where mom spotted the bear while we walked around. There is a blacksmith hope and LeQuire Cantilever Barn, the Millrace and Dam and Cable Mill, a smokehouse, the Gregg-Cable House, corn crib, barn and Sorghum Mill all right there. My son tried some cool walking stilts (not that he needs to be any taller) while my daughter enjoyed a hug with her cousin on one of the large chimneys at the house. It was super hot that day, but still so cool to see!

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