Stony Man Summit {Blue Ridge Mountains}


I’m so grateful I took a walk up Stony Man Mountain when I did…it was a gorgeous fall day and it was days before the federal government shut down causing the closing of Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive. I was literally above the clouds and it was a gorgeous view! If I find any time I plan to go up there this month so I can see the gorgeous fall foliage! There is no more gorgeous location than Central Virginia in autumn. The walk up the summit was not too difficult (unlike Hawksbill Mountain) for me and I’d love to hike to the Stony Man Cliffs. That’ll happen next!

StonyMan1 StonyMan2 StonyMan3 StonyMan4

And now that our nearly two weeks straight of rain is over it’s time to get some wonderful senior photo sessions in, as well as some soccer!



3 thoughts on “Stony Man Summit {Blue Ridge Mountains}

  1. You’ve got some really pretty shots from a really beautiful area! I was back home in Charlottesville this past weekend, but with the bad weather, I wasn’t able to capture that great foliage…


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