Key West Beauty {Florida Tourist Part 2}

I started my Key West posts back in October and they never went anywhere. I imagine that after all the cold in January and the 15+ inches of snow on Thursday I am dreaming of warmth so I decided to get back to these photos. It might be that after the flu and the Quadruplicity conference I have some downtime in my photography business to actually LOOK at personal photos! It is also a time where I’ve been missing my aunt greatly and drama from her death continues to this day which makes me sad. I figured I would honor my aunt with a post specifically about the dispensing of her ashes.

Key West was a location that made her feel comfortable and she loved it there. For years (at least 10) she has told me she wanted her ashes spread in the ocean there and I promised her I would do what it took to make that happen. So, in October, my mom, sister and I took that trip to a place I had never been–and really hadn’t thought of going myself–to Key West. She wanted to have her ashes spread by the last lighthouse off Key West, called Sand Key. There isn’t much left there, but there is a gorgeous coral reef all around it where my sister & I snorkeled to deliver her ashes that were in a biodegradable box to the bottom of the sea.

We went first thing in the morning and the sunrise off the water was beautiful.

IMG_5802 copy

IMG_5805 copy

IMG_5810 copy

IMG_5813 copy

My sister!

IMG_5816 copy

Sand Key Lighthouse

IMG_5818 copy

I’ve already forgotten what these trees were called but they are gorgeous!

IMG_5830 copy

Hiding egret

IMG_5834 copy

This dog just looked so happy I had to snap a photo!

IMG_5862 copy

This bird was waiting for us when we returned. He kept posing for photos while he was searching for his lunch.

IMG_5869 copy

The tarpons kept jumping out of the water. Some were quite huge!

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