Key West Sights {Florida Tourist Part 3}

We were at Key West for several days, and we did a ton of walking! It’s not a huge island, but when you walk a lot every day you begin to wonder. We swam some, too, and ate amazing food, but we just enjoyed the sights as well! So much history in less than 8 square miles. The view from the Key West Lighthouse was fabulous! We weren’t allowed to take photos in the Harry S. Truman Little White House, but go there if you can. It’s fun! If you missed other Key West Posts, visit here and here.

IMG_5739 copy

On our first morning there, this Osprey greeted us on the roof of the hotel across from us.

IMG_5747 copy

Who hasn’t heard of Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West? We enjoyed a beer there, and listened to some live music one afternoon.

IMG_5748 copy

Nearly every building had some historical plaque on it I swear!

IMG_5749 copy

I hadn’t heard about the chickens running wild in Key West. I live in a rural county in Virginia so they wonder around all the time here, I must have looked like a loon just laughing at chickens in a city!

IMG_5754 copy

This is a Renoir based statue of his “Dance in the Country” outside the art museum in Key West.

IMG_5761 copy

My sister by the 0 Mile Marker on Route 1

IMG_5797 copy

Might be my favorite plaque of them all!!

IMG_5799 copy

Our hotel had a lovely Parrot and turtles.

IMG_5902 copy

I had no clue how close to Cuba you really are in Key West.

IMG_5905 copy

What a cool funky truck!

IMG_5911 copy

IMG_5912 copy

This place has a clothing optional section, but we didn’t attend.

IMG_5913 copy

IMG_5914 copy

Who knew?

IMG_5915 copy

IMG_5916 copy

Beautiful Cornish Memorial AME Zion Church. A passerby told us a little legend about it and the Underground Railroad that I couldn’t find anywhere, but still a beautiful building.

IMG_5917 copy

Sign on the road with Hemingway House (to show in another post!)

IMG_5918 copy

I love Key West!

IMG_5991 copy

Key West Lighthouse

IMG_5995 copy

View of Sand Key Lighthouse where my aunt’s ashes are from the Key West Lighthouse. It’s all the way at the horizon (which is only about 6 miles from shore).

IMG_5996 copy

Top of Hemingway House off the Lighthouse.

IMG_6000 copy

My sister with the view of some of Key West in the background.

IMG_5993 copy

These stairs weren’t too bad going up but coming down with Vertigo sucked!

IMG_6002 copy

Anyone who knows me knows my love affair with The Gilmore Girls. In one episode they do the Festival of Living Pictures and Loralei dresses up as the girl in this “Dance At Bougival” by Renoir. It was in the park beside the lighthouse. When I showed it to my daughter she immediately recognized it…she knows me.

IMG_6005 copy

The story of the Harry S. Truman Little White House was fascinating, but you weren’t allowed to take photos inside as many dignitaries visit often!

IMG_6008 copy

Check out this ray’s tail!

IMG_5999 copy

Naval ship in the distance off the Key West Lighthouse


The beautiful church (I believe the oldest African-American one in Key West) Cornish Memorial AME Zion Church

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