Recent Headshots {Headshot Photographer Charlottesville Va}

I was honored to spend time taking business headshots for several awesome local business people. One was on the coldest day in January I’m pretty sure, and the other was one the warmest day (and 2 days before the flu hit me full steam!). I had a great time even on the cold day because I had the opportunity to hang around Downtown Charlottesville with amazing people! Thank you Paula, Andrea, Frank, Amy, Kim, Tim & Genni!

Paula1ColorWEB Paula2ColorWEB Paula3ColorWEB Paula5ColorWEB Paula6ColorWEB Paula8ColorWEB Amy2ColorWEB Amy3ColorWEB Andrea1ColorWEB Andrea2WEBAltCrop Andrea4ColorWEB Frank1ColorWEB Frank2ColorWEB Frank3ColorWEB Jenny1ColorWEB Jenny2ColorWEB Jenny3ColorWEB Jenny4ColorWEB Kim1ColorWEB Kim2ColorWEB Kim3ColorWEB Tim3WEB AndreaCColorWebVersionWM FrankColorWebVersionWM

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