2014 Snow {Landscape Photographer}

We were hit with 15+ inches of snow right before Valentine’s Day this year. After hours of shoveling I just wanted to go get some photos of the beautiful snow before it all turned to mush! Now that the sun is shining again I feel I can put these on the blog without too much crying! To see what Graves Mill used to look like, and learn more about the area, see my post from 2012.

IMG_1631 copy

Sharp-shinned hawk

IMG_1634 copy

Sharp-shinned hawk hunting

IMG_1635 copy

Sharp-shinned hawk

IMG_1636 copy


IMG_1661 copy


IMG_1682 copy

Downey Woodpecker

IMG_1643 copy

Snowy Scene

IMG_1687 copy

Carolina Wren

IMG_1698 copy

Madison Barn in the snow in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

IMG_1706 copy

Long-horned calf

IMG_1722 copy

Love these long-horned cows!

IMG_1727 copy

Graves Mill

IMG_1729 copy

Graves Mill

IMG_1742 copy

The Rapidan River at Graves Mill

IMG_1744 copy

The renovated historic Graves Mill!

IMG_1747 copy

Graves Mill with the Blue Ridge Mountains behind

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