Creepy Side of Key West {Florida Tourist Part 5}

I have no idea why I put the two morbid ones together–and saved them for last–but I will say they were both two of the most fun things we did in Key West.

First is the historic Key West Cemetery. It is MASSIVE. First of all, we walked there from our hotel (probably won’t do that again) and then walked all through it. That was a whole lot of walking! But it was just so darn interesting. And while we were there we had some guys come up to us, all excited, because there was finally going to be a headstone for a well-known folk artist Mario Sanchez from Key West and we were the FIRST ONES to ever see it. How cool?! It was also kind of sad, because we had NO IDEA who he was, but we quickly pulled out our Google machines to find out!

Here are some of the fun and funny and beautiful headstones throughout the cemetery (and there was no way we could ever see all of it!).

The memorial to those who died after the U.S.S. Maine wrecked is beautiful, and very sad, especially those who say an “unknown” soldier is buried here.

IMG_5788 copy

IMG_5762 copy IMG_5763 copy

IMG_5766 copy

Love this because he was 108 years old and yet was a good citizen for only 65 of those years!

IMG_5768 copy

I found Cinderella!

IMG_5769 copy

IMG_5771 copy

“I’m just resting my eyes”

IMG_5772 copy

Some day I’m going to use this one!

IMG_5774 copy

Jewish portion. They put rocks on the headstones for honor.

IMG_5776 copy

IMG_5777 copy

They met when they were just children–too sweet!

IMG_5780 copy

This person was apparently quite a partying character!

IMG_5783 copy

IMG_5786 copy

IMG_5787 copy

Many Key West inhabitants became rich when they would meet up to a ship that had wrecked along the reef nearby.

IMG_5791 copy

IMG_5793 copy

The only thing showing that Sanchez was buried here.

IMG_5795 copy

The headstone that was put up while we were there in October.

You don’t have a little community with so much history–like Key West–without a bit of ghost stories! So, we took a ride aboard a trolley at night for a ghost tour. It was pretty creepy but the stories were just fabulous! Also, the people heckle you as you drive down the street–and it’s amazing. It’s a thing, and I love that!! You respond with “We’re all doomed.”

The highlight of the tour though is Robert The Doll. And let me tell you he is creepy!! I did exactly as they said–made sure to ask permission before a photo, introduce myself and say thank you because I wasn’t about to bring any voodoo hex home with me 🙂 Here is some background that can tell the story better than I!

IMG_6061 copy

IMG_6062 copy

Robert The Doll is housed in a museum within the walls of Fort East Martello and there is some sculptures in the gardens that are quite eerie in the nightime, too.

IMG_6070 copy

IMG_6072 copy

Robert The Doll.

Robert is not the only really creepy thing in the museum, however. A model of the crypt of Elena Milagro Hoyos who was a young woman when she died and the object of affection for the demented Carl Von Cosol. While this is just a model of what people found when realized he had taken the body it’s still creepy as hell! It also didn’t end there as he was found holding a doll that looked like her when he died in 1952.

IMG_6073 copy IMG_6074 copy

To see photos from other aspects (most less creepy) of our quick visit in October, see part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

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