Bailey Class of 2015 {William Monroe High School Senior Photographer}

Today I’d like to introduce you to Bailey (a.k.a. Bay or Bail The Whale)! She is about the sweetest young lady you’ll ever meet and I was in total love with her awesome necklace for the senior model mini-session in March. Family is super important to her, and her dream job is to be a counter-terrorism agent–I believe if anyone could do that she could!

Here are five things you might not know about Bailey!

1. Her first crush was Liam Hemsworth (and who can blame her for that??)!

2. Her favorite candy is Reeces.

3. Her favorite drink is Mountain Dew.

4. Three things she can’t live without: God, Family & Mascara.


5. She’s been big game hunting in South Africa.

Bailey is just so gorgeous and sweet and I cannot wait for her full sessions later this summer. They are going to be amazing!!

IMG_3180 copy IMG_3181 copy IMG_3186 copy IMG_3204 copy IMG_3209 copy IMG_3222 copy IMG_3231 copy IMG_3247 copy IMG_3265 copy

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