Katie Class of 2015 {William Monroe High School Senior Photographer}

Katie is just adorable in so many ways. She has such a genuine smile and her eyes take my breath away, but it’s her sweet personality that I am drawn to! One days he hopes to be a psychiatrist and she has such a caring soul that I think she’d be perfect at that! So, meet Katie!

5 Things You May Not Know About Katie

1. Her favorite candy is Reece’s (I swear these kids know what’s up…I’m totally addicted to them myself)

2. The person she most wants to meet is Beyonce (who doesn’t…yum!).

3. Her favorite drink is sweet tea.

4. She plays volleyball and is a swimmer, too!

5. The three things she can’t live without are: her bed, food and tea!

IMG_3170 copy IMG_3172 copy IMG_3177 copy IMG_3211 copy IMG_3213 copy IMG_3227 copy IMG_3237 copy IMG_3249 copy

Now is the time of year in Central Virginia to think about who you want to do your senior portraits! In many counties you don’t have to use the company contracted with your school–and for many you don’t need formal photos. You can have a senior photo that truly showcases your personality for years to come. I’m currently booking sessions for June, July & August right now. If you know Katie,s he has a way for you to get a discount on your own session so ask her for the details or contact me at terrybeigie@gmail.com or visit http://www.terrybeigie.com for more information!!

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