The F Family Grows {Charlottesville Family & Newborn Photographer}

Last fall I was asked about doing a family portrait for the holidays while L. was pregnant with this sweet girl, but it turned out they wanted to do a family session once Little B. was here (so glad they did!). Little H. here is a handful of wonderfulness. Keeping him still was pretty impossible, but that’s OK! For 20-months-old he was just perfect and so much fun. His faces were awesome–I cannot tell you how many times he had me laughing. And Little B. couldn’t have been more adorable. So little and sweet and smiling away at her parents and brother. My favorite shots are the ones where he’s kissing her…could it get sweeter? I don’t think so. I remember when my littles were this age–eons ago–but they were best buds and I loved that! I wish that for these two as well. A special shout out to my “little one” Juliet for coming and helping this session. She was able to keep Little H. busy kicking a soccer ball and making sure he didn’t run away so I was able to get some of the mom, dad and baby girl shots, too. Appreciate it! And thank you to the F. Family for letting me spend a fun Sunday afternoon with them!

IMG_4564 copy IMG_4573 copy IMG_4585 copy IMG_4628 copy IMG_4654 copy IMG_4690 copy IMG_4692 copy IMG_4702 copy IMG_4708 copy IMG_4709 copy IMG_4714 copy IMG_4717 copy IMG_4718 copy IMG_4721 copy IMG_4738 copy IMG_4753 copy IMG_4764 copy IMG_4768 copy IMG_4770 copy IMG_4794 copy IMG_4799 copy IMG_4802 copy IMG_4812 copy

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