Caitlin Class of 2015 {William Monroe High School Senior Photographer}

Caitlin is just so sweet! Look at those eyes…how can anyone ever say no to those big blue eyes? She’s sweet and thoughtful, smart and gorgeous. She’s a total package! The last good book she read was “The Fault in Our Stars” and so many other teens have told me how they love that book. I have a rule, though, if it’s going to make me cry I choose not read it or watch the movie. No matter how well-written it is. I just cry too easily basically!

So, meet Caitlin with 5 things you may not know about her:

1. Her favorite candy is Kit Kat.

2. Her favorite website is Netflix.

3. Her favorite place on earth is the beach.

4. Her dream job is as a sonographic technician.


5. Three things she can’t live without? Her phone, her phone, her phone!

IMG_3856 copy IMG_3857 copy IMG_3860 copy IMG_3886 copy IMG_3887 copy IMG_3899 copy IMG_3912 copy IMG_3916 copy IMG_3918 copy


Now is the time of year in Central Virginia to think about who you want to do your senior portraits! In many counties you don’t have to use the company contracted with your school–and for many you don’t need formal photos. You can have a senior photo that truly showcases your personality for years to come. I’m currently booking sessions for June, July & August right now. If you know Caitlin, she has a way for you to get a discount on your own session so ask her for the details or contact me at or visit for more information!!

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