Kayla Class of 2014 {William Monroe High School Senior Photographer}

Kayla is an incredibly talented dancer and actress. She was in numerous plays in her time at William Monroe, but also throughout the region. She’s a positive and happy young lady and incredibly smart. I know she’s going to do huge things in her lifetime and I’m so glad I had the chance to spend time with her last fall!

IMG_2229 IMG_2231 IMG_2232 copy IMG_2233 copy IMG_2244 copy IMG_2255 copy IMG_2269 IMG_2273 copy IMG_2281 copy IMG_2286 copy IMG_2290 copy IMG_2314 copy IMG_2323 copy IMG_2407 copy IMG_2422 copy IMG_2449 copy IMG_2456 copy IMG_2499 copy IMG_2642 copy IMG_2658 copy IMG_2672 copy IMG_2688 copy IMG_2723.2 copy IMG_6299 copy IMG_6309 copy IMG_6334 copy IMG_6376 copy IMG_6425 copy IMG_6434 copy IMG_6435 copy IMG_6478 copyIMG_6535 copy IMG_6613 copy

IMG_6659 copy

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