P. Family Mini Session {Fredericksburg Virginia Family Photographer}

I have known J. since we were both 12 and we both turned 40 in March. I did a full family session, pups included, last fall! She wanted to do a mini-session to celebrate turning 40, and include her two beautiful daughters, too, so I said sure! Unfortunately the first day we were going to do it it was 32 degrees out so we chose to reschedule for one of the prettiest days of 2014! We chose a little island in the middle of the Rappahannock in Fredericksburg. I am now in love with it. You have to cross over to the island over a concrete dam and my vertigo wanted to make a return appearance but I wouldn’t let it. There was no way I was missing out this! Once we got over, and carrying a ton of camera gear it wasn’t easy, everything went smoothly, except the sun. That thing was bright no matter where we went and it was late in the afternoon and still it was bright, bright BRIGHT! Next time it’s an early-morning or WAY late in the evening session for this location! But it was still pretty fantastic.

IMG_5142 copy IMG_5150 copy IMG_5154 copy IMG_5159 copy IMG_5165 copy IMG_5166 copy IMG_5173 copy IMG_5183 copy IMG_5187 copy IMG_5190 copy IMG_5192 copy IMG_5207 copy

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