St. Albans Sanatorium Part 1

I love, love, love abandoned buildings. I wish they could tell me their history and I love how they just feel different than other locations I photograph. I had the chance to go to St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford with an awesome group of area photographers in May and my lovely daughter agreed to come and be a model! What I didn’t realize–and I know I should have–is that there are no light sources in this building. So the bowling alley that is like 4 floors under ground is PITCH BLACK! Our cameras wouldn’t work right in the bowling alley, too, for a while. And the boiler room, where women are not supposed to go alone, is on this level and a group of us ladies went anyway. It is 55,000 square feet and that is one MASSIVE building!

There were a few really strange encounters but remember we went during the day…otherwise there is NO WAY I could have handled it. It’s called one of the most active paranormal locations on the East Coast. YIKES…one lady we were with felt a hand on her back in the suicide bathroom, there was a doll (in black and white in these photos) that many of us could not capture for some reason…I think I tried 15 times before I could get it. But we didn’t actually see a ghost or hear anything weird. But it was fabulous and I would so do it again! In the day time. With a group of people. I’m a chicken!

IMG_8263 copy

Boiler room was pitch black and so I just took a random photo and have no idea why there were so many cigarettes lined up!

IMG_8267 copy

Weird rusted pipe holder in the boiler room.

IMG_8249 copy

Cool bowling alley. My daughter was freaked to stand halfway down it for photos!

IMG_8275 copy

Bathroom off the lobotomy surgical area.

IMG_8276 copy

Wonder what these cabinets held in the lobotomy surgical area.

IMG_8300 copy

Electrical switch next to the electroshock therapy room. All I could think of was Sylvia Plath.

IMG_8309 copy

This is NOT the doll that wouldn’t let us capture it. They hold a large haunted house at Halloween and sometimes you’d round a corner and see a random doll–like this.

IMG_8316 copy

Pretty sure this is lead paint…love how it’s peeling.

IMG_8360 copy

So the attic was the most creepy to me. I walk off the stairs and see this tricycle in against the wall…just freaked me out.

IMG_8367 copy

Vandalism in the attic.

IMG_8369 copy

This building is MASSIVE!

IMG_8373 copy

OK there were several times this was written on the wall but this was the ONLY time I was freaked out by it…it was in the attic.

IMG_8380 copy

CREEPY doll that did NOT want to be photographed in the attic.

IMG_8389 copy

This was so strange to me…these random pages are glued to the wall …

IMG_8392 copy

Sums up how I felt all throughout the four hours we were there.

IMG_8396 copy

OK I never noticed the body outline on the floor until just NOW! I’m officially freaked.

IMG_8399 copy

Seeing a building falling down always makes me sad. I love that they’re trying to renovate it.

IMG_8400 copy

I think this was the lobby

IMG_8413 copy

This room freaked me out a little. I didn’t notice the black on the walls until I got the photos home. I did notice the drain in the middle of the tile floor… this was in the morgue. I figured autopsy maybe?

IMG_8415 copy

Weird bookshelves int he morgue.

IMG_8417 copy

I loved the rusted paint chips peeling in the morgue.

IMG_8419 copy

Like I said you just randomly turned a corner and saw creepy stuff like this…at night I probably would have peed my pants.

IMG_8421 copy

Stairs to the morgue.

IMG_8431 copy

This is the oldest part of the building. It was a Lutheran boys school until early 1900s.

IMG_8439 copy

Main entrance to the boys’ school with the grand staircase. It was also the guy’s side of the sanatorium.

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