St. Albans Part 2

See the first part of this awesome and scary building here. My daughter loves scary things, but even she was freaking through some of this, especially the particularly dark areas like the bowling alley. She agreed to model for us through some of the creepy St. Albans Sanatorium. Despite her amazing soccer tan we had a really great time!

IMG_8290 copy

Peeling paint in the former lobotomy surgical area.

IMG_8351 copy

The grand staircase

IMG_8355 copy

The grand staircase

IMG_8386 copy

Wonder what happened before they could finish “out”

IMG_8358 copy

The best part of this graffiti is that it’s not right. It’s supposed to be “I love weed” but it’s actually written “Weed love I”. HA HA HA

IMG_8391 copy

Because why wouldn’t you have an under the sea mural in a former mental institution?

IMG_8318 copy IMG_8328 copy IMG_8329 copy IMG_8330 copy IMG_8402 copy IMG_8410 copy IMG_8454 copy

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