Margot 18 Months {Children Photography Charlottesville}

I just adore this little one! She is so animated and we just had a fantastic time for her 18-month session! Want to see her grow? Here she is at 3 months, at 6 months, at 9 months and at one year. She is just a total doll and I couldn’t be happier for my good friends that they’ve been so blessed with her!

IMG_7206 copy IMG_7210 copy IMG_7215 copy IMG_7216 copy IMG_7217 copy IMG_7230 copy IMG_7231 copy IMG_7232 copy IMG_7233 copy IMG_7236 copy IMG_7237 copy IMG_7239 copy IMG_7242 copy IMG_7245 copy IMG_7247 copy IMG_7249 copy IMG_7250 copy IMG_7251 copy IMG_7255 copy IMG_7274 copy IMG_7275 copy IMG_7278 copy IMG_7282 copy IMG_7282B&W copy IMG_7284 copy IMG_7286 copy IMG_7286B&W copy IMG_7337 copy IMG_7346 copy IMG_7359 copy IMG_7361 copy IMG_7375 copy

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