Centreville Wedding {Intimate Wedding Photographer}

I got to visit my old stomping grounds in May to photograph a wedding. The couple were just about the sweetest things ever and I got to see a little girl I knew at 6 years old who is now a beautiful teenager in the wedding party. It was just an amazingly fun group and I’m honored they asked me to be part of their special day!

IMG_7574 copy IMG_7621 copy IMG_7622 copy IMG_7631 copy IMG_7660 copy IMG_7667 copy IMG_7682 copy IMG_7701 copy IMG_7720 copy IMG_7724 copy IMG_7726 copy IMG_7732 copy IMG_7735 copy IMG_7737 copy IMG_7739 copy IMG_7742 copy IMG_7746 copy IMG_7753 copy IMG_7764 copy IMG_7766 copy IMG_7801 copy IMG_7814 copy IMG_7820 copy IMG_7822 copy IMG_7825 copy IMG_7829 copy IMG_7885 copy IMG_7930 copy IMG_7932 copy IMG_7958 copy IMG_7994 copy

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