Top 5’s Images for 2014 {High School Photography}

For the past several years I’ve posted my Top 5 favorite photos. For 2013 I added to it to be the Top 5 in several different categories, so I’m going to do the same this year. Here is 2012 and 2011 as well. It gives you a chance to see how I’ve grown over the past several years, as well! Normally I would have had this post done earlier but a virus and a bit of champagne kind of stopped me–but 2015 I’m planning to be unstoppable!

For 2014 I focused on the photography business full time, taking a leap of faith and left the daily newspaper and I don’t regret it. I photographed 5 times more seniors this year than last year and I cannot wait to see how I grow this year, as well. I’ve been signing on my Class of 2016 representatives and have big plans for them and I’m ready to hit the ground running this year!

Top 5 Senior

This was a tough, tough TOUGH decision. I spent time with so many amazing high school seniors this year and I didn’t want to nail it down to just 5 but that is the rules. So, with that in mind this does NOT reflect at all on my seniors themselves–it’s purely my opinion if I managed to nail a photograph the way I had originally envisioned. Before every shoot I spend time planning locations, themes, poses and hope to create a piece of artwork for my clients that they can showcase for years. These were just my favorite images, not my favorite seniors. I love(ed) them all! I refuse to rank them in additional order so they’re placed below in no particular order!

IMG_0018 copy

IMG_0611 copy

IMG_0952 copy

IMG_1722 copy

IMG_3469 copy

Top 5 Teens

This year I held a model call for those under 16 years old to have a bit of fun. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing more with that age group, especially model calls. With that in mind, here are my favorite photos from my sessions this year, including one of my daughter, yes, and one of my niece, yes. But I am trying to be objective I swear! I would *LOVE* to do more shoots with this age group, i.e. Sweet 16 sessions, Sweet 13 sessions, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, etc. I will likely hold more model calls, but if you’re looking for a scaled down senior shoot for these age groups I have tons of ideas!

IMG_2589 copy

IMG_3246 copy

IMG_4162 copy

IMG_5585 copy

IMG_9266 copy

Top 5 Family

I do enjoy family photoshoots, so this year I added them as a special free photoshoot for those who sign on to be my senior model spokespersons for their senior year in high school. I love meeting the entire family and offering these as a way to have one more shoot before their senior goes off to college! Not all of these were my high school seniors, however! Family photoshoots are especially popular in the fall! But, book early!

IMG_0462 copy

IMG_0670 copy

IMG_1404 copy

IMG_6936 copy

IMG_9783 copy

Top 5 Sport Portraits

I don’t think I love anything more than the ability to create dramatic sports portraits for my high school seniors! Using studio lighting and creative angles I want to create the type of sports portraits you might find in a magazine of a famous athlete. I do want to expand into doing these concept shoots with those students in choir and theater, too, so please do not think I’m singling out only athletes. I want to use your photoshoot to showcase YOU and how you spent your four years of high school! I could do an entire blog post about how I showcase these athletes but I wanted to stick with my concept of just 5 images! Believe me it wasn’t easy to choose!
IMG_2688 copy
IMG_4031 copy
IMG_7114 copy
IMG_7412 copy

Top 5 Couples

I didn’t take many couple photo sessions this year, but I had a few where a senior would have a significant other there and a few fun full couple photo sessions! Of course there was prom and homecoming fun as well!
IMG_0936 copy
IMG_6802 copy
IMG_7028 copy
IMG_9660 copy
IMG_9671 copy

Top 5 Other

I could not even find 5 “other” sessions to really showcase here, so here are my top ones.  This plays into my photography resolutions for the next post!
IMG_0038 copy
IMG_1894 copy
IMG_8601 copy
IMG_9552 copy

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