My Photography Resolutions for 2015 {Charlottesville, Virginia Photography}

It’s tradition to make resolutions for the new year, right? I didn’t make a single one yet, is it too late? I’m a firm believer that it’s NEVER too late to enact the change you want to see within yourself and the world around you, so I’m going to get these written down! That should help me keep myself accountable, at least. With that in mind, here are items I resolve to improve or add to my photography business in 2015:

1. Take more fun mini-sessions with my spokes models just for fun. 

Here are a few I was able to accomplish in 2014, including a Happy New  Year Shoot and one to learn lighting, as well as a July 4th theme.

IMG_9759 copy

WMIMG_9398 copy
WMIMG_9407 copy
IMG_0031 copy
IMG_9809 copy

2. Find a way to infuse more creativity into each photoshoot.

IMG_8179 copy

3. Partner with local businesses more often. If I want others to support my local business, I really need to concentrate on backing the locals running businesses in our region as well!

4. Get back to nature! I hardly took any nature photographs in 2014 and that’s where my love of photography began. 

We live in such a gorgeous area. I really need to start appreciating that more.

IMG_8609 copy

5. Mentor more young photographers.  I had the opportunity to share my photography knowledge with one young woman who loves photography as much as I do and I want to do that more often in 2015! I already promised to work with one young lady and I cannot wait. Below is Sarah with some of my vintage camera collection. She was such a help for me this year and I really wish her all the luck in the world!   IMG_0717 copy

6. Stress the importance of prints.

Will you have any hard evidence of your teen years? I do sell digital files, but I also sell high-quality custom-designed photo albums, prints, canvas prints, standouts, prints on metals and so forth. We’re dealing with the most photographed generation in history with camera phones, relatively reasonably priced digital cameras, etc. How many discs are holding your photos you never got around to printing right now? How many hard drives? What happens when your disc gets scratched accidentally or your hard drive crashes? Will you lose years of your family memories? I really, really don’t want that to happen to you. One thing everyone says after grabbing family members if their home is on fire is grabbing family photo albums. How will you carry your computers or find all your discs filed in random places (maybe it’s just me). Please print what you want to preserve.

OK off my soapbox now

7. Give back more often. 

I am always willing to offer items for silent auctions. I also photographed the football players and other guests at the Dragon Football Club golf tournament this summer, sponsored a hole at the Randy Michie Golf Tournament, donated a family photo session when a group of people in Greene wanted to raise funds for a family in need, donated my time to the football team to help photograph their senior posters (I’d really love to do all the sports for WMHS), donated my time and supplies for the 8th grade dance for the third year in a row so the school did not have to put out any money, and I’d love to do even more!


8. Be IN more photos

Confession time: I HATE photos of myself. I am pretty unhappy with many aspects of my appearance right now and while I am able to make changes for some of them (probably most) there will always be a part of me I don’t like to see in photos. I’m as human as any one else. This year I’m going to make it a point. When my children look back at their photo albums (and we do have some, as well as prints throughout the house) they will find photos of me with them. That is what matters. Whether I love everything about myself or not, what matters is they have those memories preserved to share with their children. And I want to encourage and challenge every single one of you to do the same!

Here is a fabulous post that says it all.

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