Kaitey {Cheerleader Class of 2015}

Kaitey was new to our area at the beginning of this year but luckily the colors of her old high school & her current one matched up so she could use her letterman jacket and pom for her cheerleading shots! I had just a blast hanging out with Katiey and her parents. They are all so incredibly nice and funny. It was too much fun!

I love taking sport portraits. I mean these sports are such a huge part of your high school career and they make a wonderful addition to your regular session when you’re considering an album, like Kaitey’s family has.

I’m grateful Kaitey moved to our area because we just had so much fun. We even had a spontaneous rainbow (my second this senior season!) for her to have in the background of some of her tricks. Thank you so much, Kaitey! Good luck next year!!

KaiteyCheerBlog1 KaiteyCheerBlog2 KaiteyCheerBlog3 KaiteyCheerBlog4 KaiteyCheerBlog5 KaiteyCheerBlog6 KaiteyCheerBlog8 KaiteyCheerBlog9 KaiteyCheerBlog10 KaiteyCheerBlog11 KaiteyCheerBlog12 KaiteyCheerBlog13 KaiteyCheerBlog14 KaiteyCheerBlog15 KaiteyCheerBlog16 KaiteyCheerBlog17 KaiteyCheerBlog18

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