Kaitey {William Monroe Class of 2015}

Kaitey & I learned a lot together during her regular session–like it’s hella cold in the water in October in the mountains! I figured it would be but man it sure was! While we weren’t able to do quite as many water shots as either of us would have liked I think we did OK considering the amazing light we were greeted with in October!

Kaitey is such a doll with amazing style. I loved all the yellows and the warm light we were able to use this fall and her clothes were on point!

If you are considering being a Class of 2016 model for Terry Beigie Photography and missed the meeting I still have slots available for all schools except William Monroe! So, if you’re a junior at any area high school and want to save big money be on my senior rep team! Contact me at terrybeigie@gmail.com or (434) 242-1281!

To see Kaitey’s cheerleading session, visit here.

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