Adam Class of 2015 {Ruckersville Senior Photography}

I just adore Adam! He’s such a genuinely nice young man, as is his whole family! My daughter played soccer with Adam over the years for several teams before they broke off to guys and gals–no matter how well you play the guys are definitely going to be bigger and stronger so why risk injury right? Adam still plays soccer and I still get to see him at 4H events with the local high school, but after this June I won’t anymore. I’m not sure where the time goes, but it goes so fast.

Adam wore a Jerry Garcia tie below with his John Lennon bass guitar. In the fall the photo of him with his guitar in the window of the ruins won Senior Guy of the Week at Senior Style Guide. We were blessed with a warm November day (thank goodness) and we even had gorgeous foliage hanging around. I love living here!

Adam learned last year he’s been accepted into his number one school: Virginia Tech (I’m a former Hokie so I was thrilled). I am so proud of him. He’s going into engineering and I have no doubt he’s going to ace it no matter how difficult it is! He’s a super hard worker, extremely polite and has a fabulous sense of humor. I can’t wait to hear how it all goes for him in the future.

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