Paint Fight {Themed Senior Photoshoots in Virginia}

One level of the Be SEEN model program with Terry Beigie Photography offers a themed photosession. For these three best friends they decided on a paint fight! With that in mind, I knew I had to get a few “before” photos before I took the painted ones! I have just had the best time with these three awesome young women! I’ve learned so much from each one of them. I’ll miss them terribly next year. At least I have a few more fun times with them before graduation!

To see Brooke’s regular session click here.

To see Katie’s regular session click here.

To see Caitlin’s regular session click here.

PaintFight1 PaintFight2 PaintFight3 PaintFight4 PaintFight5 PaintFight6 PaintFight7 PaintFight8 PaintFight9 PaintFight10 PaintFight11 PaintFight12 PaintFight13 PaintFight14 PaintFight15 PaintFight16 PaintFight17 PaintFight18 PaintFight19 PaintFight20 PaintFight21 PaintFight22 PaintFight23 PaintFight24 PaintFight25 PaintFight26 PaintFight27 PaintFight28 PaintFight29 PaintFight30 PaintFight31 PaintFight32 PaintFight33 PaintFight34

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