Go Your Own Way {Charlottesville Senior Photography}

Part of the Get Seen Program is monthly themed photoshoots (which I love to do!) that can be entered into competitions to be published on the website and in the magazine. I am utilizing these to use my Terry Beigie Photography Class of 2015 & 2016 models–giving them extra chances for epic images and a bit of fun!

I’ve teamed up with Makenzie Durrer to help with makeup and hair inspiration for the photoshoots (and for my regular senior clients, as well) and she just rocks! She did Bailey’s makeup for this shoot and it was just lovely! Can’t wait until our next collaboration with April’s theme!

On the way to the location I lost one of my lighting triggers so had to shoot all natural light. We still had a total blast and I swear some of these could be album covers! I adored their choice of clothing and love that they were willing to spend a bit of extra time with me for these images.

Want to Be SEEN? Now is the time to get on my calendar for the summer/fall for Class of 2016 seniors and if you’re a Class of 2017 or 2018 who is interested in modeling for me I have some special events coming up that I’ll need models for so reach out early and help me get to planning some epic photographic experiences!

http://www.terrybeigie.com       (434) 242-1281     terrybeigie@gmail.com      Instagram: @terrybeigie      Snapchat: @terrybeigie

IMG_1153 copy IMG_1161 copy IMG_1185 copy IMG_1189 copy IMG_1197 copy IMG_1199 copy IMG_1204 copy IMG_1211 copy IMG_1218 copy IMG_1229 copy IMG_1234 copy IMG_1238 copy

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