Zach Class of 2015 {Urban Charlottesville Senior Photography}

Zach is such a character! I had just the greatest time with him and his parents in Charlottesville on a lovely fall day, as well as taking his soccer photos on the pitch at William Monroe HIgh School. Zach had quite a scare not long after I took the soccer photos, his knee was severely injured during a tournament in November and he needed surgery. It looked like he might not play this spring for his senior year, but the young man was totally determined to play! And he has been cleared to do it. I’m so happy for him. Plus, his younger brother is also on the varsity squad so they get one year of playing together before Zach goes off to Liberty University! That is such a special thing!

I kept a few photos off the blog, because they were so silly, but he made me laugh all through the session! He is such an amazing young man and it has just been such a pleasure to get to know him better this year, as well as his whole family. Thanks, Zach!

IMG_4625 copy IMG_4630 copy IMG_4631 copy IMG_4653 copy IMG_4668 copy IMG_4679 copy IMG_4693 copy IMG_4728 copy IMG_4764 copy IMG_4774 copy IMG_4795 copy IMG_4799 copy IMG_4801 copy IMG_4807 copy IMG_4812 copy IMG_4825 copy IMG_4826 copy IMG_4833 copy IMG_4840 copy IMG_4844 copy IMG_4846 copy IMG_4846 IMG_4859 copy IMG_6052 copy IMG_6053 copy IMG_6054 copy IMG_6055 copy IMG_6063 copy IMG_6071 copy IMG_6075 copy IMG_6079 copy IMG_6090 copy IMG_6101 copy IMG_6106 copy IMG_6108 copy IMG_6116 copy IMG_6117 copy IMG_6120 copy IMG_6121 copy IMG_6125 copy

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