Snow Day Fun {Stanardsville Senior Photography}

Do you know what I find just amazing? I was able to find four young ladies to pose for some snow photos (including in formal dresses) on what might have been the coldest, windiest day of the year! For anyone who saw us it must have been hilarious! The girls would do photos one at a time and then run back to the cars to keep warm. And even though I fell trudging through the snow, I still had a great time with two of my Class of 2015 models and two of my Class of 2016 models!

I love adding this value to the senior’s experience–just taking photos at the drop of the hat that they would not have otherwise chosen for senior portraits but that are just awesome memories! To me it’s about the entire photographic experience and for my models that experience lasts all year! It’s not about the images, it’s about the art. I love that!

Class of 2016 I’m already booking like crazy for summer and even some into fall so now is the time to contact me about your photographic experience at! Get on the calendar and let’s plan an adventure together!

IMG_0652 copy IMG_0654 copy IMG_0666 copy IMG_0684 copy IMG_0687 copy IMG_0692 copy IMG_0695 copy IMG_0698 copy IMG_0702 copy IMG_0711 copy IMG_0716 copy IMG_0717 copy IMG_0726 copy IMG_0740 copy IMG_0760 copy IMG_0762 copy 2 IMG_0762 copy IMG_0765 copy IMG_0775 copy IMG_0779 copy IMG_0788 copy IMG_0800 copy IMG_0804 copy

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