Entourage {William Monroe Senior Photographer}

I am so behind in blogging. Some may not know that a car (yes, my own, and yes, my fault) ran over my left leg in May. It basically shut me down from shooting anything for about a month and a half. I am going to have some knee surgery but not until winter because missing the chance to photograph high school seniors in the summer and fall would just be too depressing!!

However, BEFORE I ran over my own leg I took the April We Are The SEEN challenge “Entourage” with two Class of 2015 senior models, one Class of 2016 senior model and Makenzie Durrer, a fabulous makeup artist, who is Class of 2017! I took my inspiration from Pretty Little Liars show for this challenge. It was featured on the We Are the SEEN website (WHAT?!?) which was super exciting for me, and these awesome young ladies! WeAreTheSeenFeatured

I can’t believe I’m coming to an end shooting my Class of 2015 Senior Models!! They’ll be heading off for college in a month, but I just entered July’s themed session to the contest and there’s another in August I hope they participate in! I have just had the best time with them!! I’ve been frantically (and sweatingly–not a word but it’s been a hot summer in Virginia) taking my Class of 2016 Senior Models’ regular senior sessions! I can’t wait to share those, too!

Want to Be SEEN? Now is the time to get on my calendar for late summer or fall for Class of 2016 seniors and if you’re a Class of 2017 or 2018 who is interested in modeling for me I have some special events coming up that I’ll need models for so reach out early and help me get to planning some epic photographic experiences!

IMG_1773 copy IMG_1774 copy IMG_1792 copy IMG_1804 copy IMG_1815 copy IMG_1823 copy IMG_1828 copy IMG_1831 copy IMG_1835 copy IMG_1845 copy IMG_1849 copy IMG_1850 copy IMG_1857 copy IMG_1864 copy

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