Burning Man {Charlottesville High School Senior Photography}

I didn’t get featured on the We Are the Seen website for the July challenge of Burning Man but we still had an amazing time taking these photographs at the Ix Art Park in July! And personally, I absolutely love the final results of these photos!! Three of these young ladies were Class of 2015 Senior Models and just left for college! I will miss them terribly because I had the absolute best time photographing them over the last year and a half!

I’ve been frantically taking my Class of 2016 Senior Models’ regular senior sessions this summer and even got a few of their themed sessions in before the start of school. I have a few of those left. I’ll be sharing these sessions in the coming weeks, in addition to other Class of 2016 sessions! I’m heading into the really busy season so I’m thrilled my full-time gig is over now!

Want to Be SEEN? Now is the time to get on my calendar for late summer or fall for Class of 2016 seniors and if you’re a Class of 2017 or 2018 who is interested in being a senior model for me I’ll be opening applications for Class of 2017 soon. I know it’s early, but I truly do love doing special sessions with these awesome young people for as long as I can! Plus it always takes a bit of time to plan their super awesome themed sessions!

IMG_4403 copy IMG_4407 copy IMG_4415 copy IMG_4440 copy IMG_4442 copy IMG_4456 copy IMG_4469 copy IMG_4502 copy IMG_4504 copy IMG_4523 copy IMG_4540 copy 2 IMG_4540 copy IMG_4553 copy IMG_4566 copy IMG_4573 copy IMG_4582 copy IMG_4651 copy

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