I Believe That We Will Win Challenge {Charlottesville Sports Photography}

“I believe that we will win!” “I believe that we will win!”

This was the theme for the Augusta challenge. While they didn’t turn out exactly as I imagined I still had a blast with the girls (and my guy refs…thank you Josh & Hunter!!). It was terrible weather this day, and they had just mowed the field in preparation of the football season. Rather than trying to reschedule with 11 different people we went for it. The girls play in all types of weather–rain, freezing temperatures, sweltering hot days–so why cancel it? There is no off-season for competitive soccer athletes.

This session was a little emotional for me because it’s the last time I’d be taking photos of Brooke in a soccer uniform as she left for college shortly after. It’s also the final year for high school play for most of the girls, my daughter included.

“I Believe That We Will Win” that’s the chant you hear at soccer games these days after the Outlaws debuted it to many of us, loudly, at the Men’s World Cup in 2014. My daughter plays soccer and I’ve even heard it at the high school games. When I saw the contest theme I immediately thought of soccer and my daughter’s high school team. The last several years they have improved season on season–going from last place every year in the district to third place in the district, to second place in the district and playing a conference game for the first time ever, to last year coming in third in the conference. We live in one of the smallest counties in the state of Virginia, as well as one of the most rural areas in our district. For us to compete on this level is huge for our school and our athletes. When I hear this chant I always think of our ladies and our coaches and their hard work, dedication, and perseverance because I believe.

*special shoutout to Sarah who doesn’t play soccer but came out anyway! This is the only soccer picture with both Sarah & Brooke (they’re cousins) ever so I know the family will enjoy that*

September challenge is GIRLBOSS and can’t wait to get that session submitted I’m so in love with it!

IMG_5924 copy 2 IMG_5938 copy IMG_5943 copy IMG_5964 copy

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