Bree Class of 2016 {Charlottesville Senior High School Photography}

OK this is one of the coolest stories, for me anyway! Two years ago my daughter was attending the summer soccer camp at Virginia Tech and she didn’t know anyone else attending. My best friend had a friend whose daughter was attending–all the way from upstate New York (BTW their dog is named Hokie so yeah, they’re cool in my book!). The mom, Lina & I chatted a bit through Facebook first and then the girls became friends with each other on Facebook. This was a couple weeks before the camp, and I had already turned in my daughter’s paperwork 6 months earlier and she had not chosen a roommate because she didn’t know anyone attending.

My daughter’s father took her to camp one Sunday and when they got there they realized Bree & Juliet were roommates. Everyone agreed I arranged it but honestly I didn’t even think to! They got along great and both had a great time there.

We’ve all kept in touch since then so when Bree was coming through on her way to live in Christiansburg for her senior year with family they stopped in to Charlottesville to have me take Bree’s senior photos. It was a perfect weather day and Bree really should consider a career as a model. We had the best time together! I can’t wait to see them in December in Richmond at a soccer tournament where Bree and Juliet will play against each other for the first time.

Hair & Make by Makenzie Durrer and assistance by Amanda Snead. Thank you both!

Thank you so much, Bree & Lina! You both rock!!

IMG_5189 copy IMG_5248 copy IMG_5260 copy IMG_5322 copy IMG_5346 copy IMG_5377 copy IMG_5423 copy IMG_5443 copy IMG_5475 copy IMG_5483 copy IMG_5489 copy IMG_5505 copy IMG_5514 copy IMG_5517 copy IMG_5519 copy IMG_5527 copy IMG_5528 copy IMG_5530 copy IMG_5543 copy IMG_5554 copy IMG_5560 copy IMG_5563 copy

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