Juliet {Class of 2016 William Monore High School}

I have been slacking big time with blog posts & I think it’s because I’m mostly in denial that my daughter is a senior this year. I’ve literally had to stop editing hers and others’ sessions because I’ve been crying. Ugh. I don’t think I’m ready for this but it’s going to happen no matter what, right? I’m extremely proud of the young woman she’s grown up to become. Cannot wait to see what’s in store for her in the future!

Of course my daughter is one of my Class of 2016 models. I work with my model team for more than a full year. They participate in themed contest session with me (like Pretty Little Liars, I Believe and Go Your Own Way for a few this year). But they can also choose to do their own theme; one that is important & fun to them. That’s in addition to their regular session and sports session if they’re an athlete. I’m taking apps now for 2017 so if you know a junior who might be interested in working with me next year let me know. We have a lot of fun and I love it so much!

Juliet was recently named a finalist for a nationwide contest called The 12, which is part of We Are The Seen. I use my models for this contest and the monthly themes. While she wasn’t chosen for this round of The 12 she still did amazing becoming a finalist out of 600 entries. If you’d like to be part of the spring entry into the contest let me know ASAP!

Here are a few from Juliet’s main session. If you know her she has a way for you to save money on your own session!

IMG_2954 copy IMG_2967 copy IMG_2974 copy IMG_2979 copy IMG_2991 copy IMG_3021 copy IMG_3081 copy IMG_3092 copy IMG_3126 copy IMG_3142 copy IMG_3149 copy IMG_3152 copy IMG_3161 copy IMG_3172 copy IMG_3174 copy IMG_3178 copy IMG_3190 copy IMG_3193 copy IMG_3196 copy IMG_3198 copy

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