Amber Class of 2016 Part 1 {William Monroe Swimmer}

I’ve known Amber since we moved to Greene in 2005 and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow into an amazing young woman anyone would be proud to know. One thing about Amber, she loves the water! She’s a swimmer at William Monroe High School and has been on swimming teams all around Central Virginia over the years. However, she’s also a lifeguard and swimming teacher for younger kids and I think that’s the coolest thing. I still remember my kids in swimming lessons when they were young. So sweet!

Amber is one of my Class of 2016 Senior Models and we had quite a time nailing down good weather this summer for her photo sessions. I guess Mother Nature thought when she said she loved water that rain would be OK too (btw it wasn’t!). We did her swimming session first at the ACAC Waterpark where she works one evening early in the summer when the days were still long! Remember those? Anyway, my cart wheel broke off because it has been one of those years for me! However, her mom was a huge help, thank you Vicky!!!

For a few of them I even got into the water (it was summer so I didn’t mind that) fully dressed and praying I didn’t drop my camera at all. Funny, Amber says her favorite fictional character is Ariel from the “Little Mermaid”…why am I not surprised?

More of her sessions to come soon, but here Ambie’s swimming session!

2871B&W copy

IMG_2871 copy

IMG_2771 copy IMG_2774 copy IMG_2779 copy IMG_2781 copy IMG_2803 copy IMG_2855 copy IMG_2904 copy IMG_2907 copy IMG_2912 copy IMG_2913 copy

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