#GIRLBOSS {September Theme Challenge}

I love the book “GIRLBOSS” so when the concept came up I couldn’t wait to photograph it. I kept thinking of a lawyer because I can’t help but think those ladies are some serious badasses!
Amber is one of my class of 2016 models and this senior year she’s working with the prosecutor in our nearby city for her governor’s school senior thesis (yeah, she’s wicked smart). Amber has wanted to be a lawyer for a long time and is lucky enough to observe and be a part of the Jesse Matthew case, the alleged serial killer in Charlottesville, VA who was captured in Galveston, Texas, after he fled in 2014. How cool is that? Whether she becomes a lawyer is yet to be seen but she will definitely choose something in the criminal justice system. It just suits her!
I knew I wanted to photograph Amber looking the part of a lawyer in front of the historic courthouse (by the way, it’s not the one the trial is being held as that’s next door and less inspiring) and throughout the historic Courthouse Square section of Charlottesville. When asked what her opinion of a GIRLBOSS is, Amber said: “A strong independent woman who takes care of herself, is in control, is confident and gives and receives respect from all.” Amber’s a strong, tough young woman who is a total BOSS in my opinion and not just because she wants to become a lawyer! She’s been through a lot in her personal life, overcome serious obstacles and is still quick to smile and help others in need. She rocks this session!
With this year’s crazy busy senior season I wasn’t able to do the October challenge
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