Hannah Class of 2016 Part 1 {Stanardsville Senior Portrait Photographer}

My current level of failure is HIGH as I haven’t blogged in FOREVER. Fall was literally the craziest it has ever been for me. There were weeks where I only slept about 5 hours TOTAL. I keep saying I’ll blog and keep forgetting to actually do it. So, let me share with you my 2016 seniors and their awesome sessions, starting with sweet Hannah!!

I’ve known Hannah since we moved here in 2005, when she and Juliet were both in second grade. I started a Girl Scout troop and she was one of the first to join. I am so honored she agreed to be a The SEEN model for me this year. She is such a remarkable young woman, I don’t even know where to begin. She’s an incredible softball player and played on the basketball team this year that won conferences! Her sports session will be posted soon, and I mean that.

When we went to do her regular session, she knew she wanted wildflowers. We went to use a location in Greene but there was an event going on there (OH DEAR!). I was working 50 miles away during the summer and had not had the chance to check out the site beforehand. BUT, then I remembered another location where I had seen tons and tons of wildflowers so we gathered ourselves and hit the road just a little south of Greene County. You wouldn’t even know that we had that little detour–it never showed on Hannah’s face.

Here are a few fun facts about Hannah, and more to come!

  • Favorite fictional character: Katniss Everdeen (Hannah is strong, just like Katniss)
  • Favorite dessert: cookies or ice cream (who could disagree?)
  • Best thing about Greene? The supportive community and beautiful landscape.
  • Last good book she read: The Fault in Our Stars

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