Paige Class of 2016 {Destination Photoshoot}

Paige, sweet Paige. I adore this young woman!! She’s another I’ve known since she was a youngin’! I was so honored when she was willing to be my senior model because she’s just wonderful!! And her mom is one of my closest friends!

For Paige’s regular session we hit the road to a park is far western Virginia with an amazing waterfall. Water was the one requirement Paige had for her senior images so I wanted to be sure she got what she wanted! I swear, to me, it looks like she’s in Hawaii. Oh to be in Hawaii right now! We took the soccer ones back home on her William Monroe field, where she’s played since she was an eighth-grader.

Paige has a fabulous sense of humor and on the soccer pitch she can be quite ruthless. It’s hard for me to believer it’s her final season of soccer. I’ll miss watching her and Juliet play together.

Meet the lovely Paige!

IMG_4927 copyIMG_4901 copyIMG_4915 copyIMG_4931 copyIMG_4907 copyIMG_4897 copyIMG_4944 copyIMG_4980 copyIMG_4975 copyIMG_4971 copyIMG_4972 copyIMG_4992 copyIMG_4989 copyIMG_4983 copyIMG_4949 copyIMG_4956 copyIMG_4948 copy

IMG_4965 copy

Soccer calves!

IMG_4967 copyIMG_5021 copyIMG_5010 copyIMG_5025 copyIMG_5064 copyIMG_5060 copyIMG_5057 copyIMG_5045 copyIMG_5052 copyIMG_5073 copyIMG_5097 copyIMG_5103 copyIMG_5113 copyIMG_5091 copyIMG_5081 copy

IMG_5071 copy

This image really shows Paige’s fun personality!

IMG_5121 copyIMG_5133 copyIMG_5126 copyIMG_5125 copyIMG_5147 copy

IMG_5155 copy

We LITERALLY didn’t see this sign until after the shoot was finished!

IMG_0917 copyIMG_0716 copyIMG_0929 copyIMG_0823 copyIMG_0718 copyIMG_0937 copyIMG_0921 copyIMG_0919 copy

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