Marlie Class of 2016 {Madison Virginia Senior Photography}

It’s my birthday and I’m celebrating with another new blog post!!

OMG the second I met Marlie and her mom I just felt so comfortable. They are just such fun people! Marlie originally found me via Instagram and entered to win tickets to Kap Slap in Jan. 2015! She’s the first one from Madison County High School I’ve photographed for senior photos, so that was exciting for me. She’s graduating a year early, so it’s really fun to be a part of that with her!

We broke her session up into two dates to offer a chance to showcase her “country” side and her “city” side (like country mouse, city mouse but in one person!). The truck is her dad’s and I couldn’t covet it more I swear. It was perfect for her photosession and we added a bit more 70s flair with my personal sunglasses (I was born in the 70s after all!) that fit the whole look perfectly. I have a lot of jewelry and accessories, and clothing options, I’ve purchased that seniors use during photoshoots and I always have them in the car just in case!

Here is Marlie’s first photosession, held at her family’s farm in Madison.

IMG_8581 copyIMG_8585 copyIMG_8611 copy

IMG_8638 copy

I edited the license plate in Photoshop.

IMG_8706 copy

I love to capture moms in the photoshoots!

IMG_8710 copyIMG_8662 copyIMG_8646 copyIMG_8666 copyIMG_8667 copyIMG_8736 copyIMG_8733 copyIMG_8726 copyIMG_8752 copy

IMG_8756 copy

The sunset was amazing!

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