Amber Class of 2016 Part 2 {Virginia Senior Photographer}

Are you tired of me saying how long I’ve known these young women?!? I think it just comes with the territory when you’re talking about clients who are graduating with my child! But, I have known this young woman for more than 11 years, too! And she is really quite awesome!

She’s extremely bright! She’s hilarious! She’s gorgeous! She’s an incredibly loyal friend! She’s a fabulous daughter! She’s a great swimmer! She’s one of the bravest young women I have ever met! I’m going to miss her when she’s at college next year but I just know she’s going to go on to do truly awesome things and I can’t wait to see it!

A few fun facts about Ambie!

  • First crush: Corbin Bleu (I think everyone in this age range would say him or Zac Efron)
  • Favorite candy: Twix
  • Biggest accomplishment in high school so far: teaching kids that can’t even look at water to be able to swim 50 yards in less than a month!
  • Favorite fictional character: Ariel (doesn’t surprise me with her own love of water!)

IMG_4146 copyIMG_4159 copyIMG_4178 copyIMG_4170 copyIMG_4183 copyIMG_4211 copyIMG_4202 copyIMG_4233 copyIMG_4235 copyIMG_4227 copyIMG_4263 copyIMG_4328 copyIMG_4281 copyIMG_4274 copyIMG_4294 copyIMG_4287 copyIMG_4306 copyIMG_4313 copyIMG_4358 copyIMG_4348 copyIMG_4346 copyIMG_4380 copyIMG_4370 copyIMG_4378 copy

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